Proof Plans

Proof Plans are printed after an event is photographed. This is an order form that contains product marketing images with the actual student’s images in the products. Your packages and products available for purchase are listed along with studio contact information and a payment envelope is included for checks or cash.

2 Day Service Time (+3 days for custom design)   ■   Ground FOB Shipping


8.5x14 with 5” tear-off payment envelope (70#)
8.5x11 (70#)

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  • Our Design Center can modify one of our stock designs or create a custom design for you.
  • When modifying a stock design it is possible to change the template designs, backgrounds, color scheme, fonts, etc.
  • Include your online payment information on your proof plans to let parents know they may purchase online.
  • Our Design Center can create an HHImageHost Pre-Pay Price List to match your flyer when we do your flyer design.
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Proof plans typically show the student’s name and other information such as the order due date, grade, or teacher’s name; any data you have and would like to show. Each flyer is unique to that subject, bearing their name and images rendered into the products you are selling. Each Proof Plan also shows the package options and prices printed for the consumer to make buying decisions from.

Package Definitions

If you plan to use one of our stock flyer designs, save time setting up your packages in hhschools by downloading the package definition XML files here. Use them as-is or modify them to suit your needs.

download Prepay Flyer Package Definitions

Academy Backgrounds

If you plan to use one of our flyer designs that feature Academy studio background template products, you may want to download the stock backgrounds we provide. Use them as-is or modify them to suit your needs. You can download each theme from this page:

view Academy Backgrounds

Jpeg Proof Plans

BLUE MOD - 8.5X11

BLUE MOD - 8.5X14


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Custom Design

Let our Design Center custom design this product for you!

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how to order

To order this product download our hhschools software.

download hhschools
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