Soft Cover Yearbooks

Soft Cover Yearbooks

If you are presently photographing annual school portraits, expand your market to include yearbook publishing as well. Soft Cover Yearbooks provide outstanding quality and exceptional value and will strengthen your position in the school photography business.

Need to make a reservation? Or just have a question? Fill out this yearbook information form to let us know how we can help.

Yearbook Information Form

Shipping: Ground FOB

Service Time

Dates 50-75 76-125 126-250 251+
Feb. 15 - April 15 and June 15 - July 15
2 Days 2 Days 3 Days 3 Days
All other times
4 Days 5 Days 7 Days 10 Days
  • Proofs: 2 day service time
  • Service time begins once the proof is officially approved via the Yearbook Decision Form.
  • Orders will be prioritized in a first in first out manner based on the date of final approval.
  • Service times will vary during in-season production.
  • Rushes are available and will DOUBLE the cost of the order and cut service time in half.



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Paper Types

Covers: press printed and laminated    ■    Pages: gloss text paper

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Soft cover yearbooks are square backed with a saddle stitched spine. They are available in quantities of 50-2000.

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Design Guides

Download yearbook design guides here.

download InDesign CC guides download Photoshop guides download JPEG guides
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how to order

  1. Studio orders a yearbook proof using hhstudio or one of our partner's yearbook design programs, PLIC Books or Pixami.
  2. Proof is produced by H&H
  3. Two copies are shipped to studio for approval
    (The order is not billed at this time. After 60 days without instructions, customer service will contact you.)


  1. Studio sends approval form to H&H with final quantity of books
  2. H&H produces books, invoices order for proof and final quantity,
    and ships to studio


  1. Studio sends approval form to H&H marked with disapproval
  2. H&H invoices order for proof only
  3. Studio makes changes & submits new order
  4. Cycle repeats until approval is met

ordering software

If you design your yearbook in something other than PLIC Books or Pixami, click below to download hhstudio.

download hhstudio

proof feedback

To give feedback on a yearbook proof, please fill out the form below.

yearbook decision form

yearbook reorder

Need to order more books? Fill out this yearbook reorder form.

Yearbook Reorder Form
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