Scanning Services

Negative Scans

When you need negatives scanned our photo lab has the professional equipment and the trained technicians to handle your needs. Prints from cut negatives require a scan prior to printing.

5-7 Day Service Time   ■   FREE Shipping

If submitting more than 10 items to be scanned at a time, service times may be longer.


  • Negatives, slides, and prints from 35mm to 8x10 are scanned and delivered via email.
  • Scan image sizes vary due to differences in the size of the original. Level 2 scans should be ordered if you want to make large prints (over 11x14) or want the highest size & resolution possible.
  • Prints can be ordered at the time of scanning (see order form).
  • Negatives should not be carded. Scans are done from un-carded negatives only. If negatives arrived carded, they will be un-carded prior to scanning (additional charges apply). This does not apply to 35mm transparencies/slides. Please leave those in their original mounts.
  • Dust spotting is included in the scan price.
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how to order

Please fill out the scanning order form below. You will receive the form PDF via email to print and include with your negatives/slides/prints when you ship them to H&H.

Questions? Contact customer service.

Scanning order form
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Dust spotting is included in the scan price.