Training videos for our software programs are available on our website.

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In addition, many products have videos that are on the How To Order page for that product. Also, you are welcome to call customer service with any questions you have regarding the software - we are happy to help!

hhstudio, hhsports, and hhschools have a direct upload tool built in.

In most cases, making sure you are on the latest version of hhstudio can solve this problem. In the software, go to Help > Check for updates.

If you are on the latest version of hhstudio and prices are not visible, make sure your prices are enabled. Go to Preferences > hhstudio Preferences. At the bottom, make sure enable pricing is selected.

If the computer you are using is not connected to the internet, hhstudio will not be able to access the catalog and provide pricing.

Most people will combine small orders into a single project to avoid order minimum fees and to get everything to ship together.

Checking the box labeled “air” lets us know that you want you order shipped FedEx air instead of Ground. It is a good option when you need to get your order a little faster than usual. Keep in mind that shipping charges will be different.

Instructions for using the Opticon scanner can be found on our website. Instructions are also sent with each scanner purchased.

Opticon scanner info

hhstudio does not give you a place to indicate that you would like expedited shipping. Once the order is in, you can either reply to the confirmation email with a request to upgrade the shipping or give customer service a call. You may incur extra charges when shipping is upgraded. Call customer service for specific questions.