Proof Strips

Proof Strips

Nothing leaves a better first impression with your customers than high quality, traditional photo print proofing. Help clients visualize 100% of the quality you capture in your photography! Studios typically affix these proof strips to printed order forms.

Shipping: Ground FOB

Service Time: 2 days



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  • 1-4 student images per 4x10 Proof Strip
  • Must be set up by the Design Center for your account
  • May be customized with dynamic text lines filled from your hhschools data
  • You may include image filename barcodes on the proof strip to improve your order entry accuracy and speed.
  • Custom Background Proof Strip: Replace the orange background area with any design you like. Design your own 10x4 background or let the Design Center create something for you.
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Design Guides

Download Photoshop design guides here.

download studio background guides
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how to order

To use this product, first contact the Design Center to have a proof strip set up for your account, then download our hhschools software to order.

Design Center setup download hhschools
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