Leather Wrap Albums

Our relaxed Leather Wrap Albums will appeal to your customers looking for something unique. Each album is handcrafted with each signature stitched into the soft premium top grain leather cover.

They fit well with weddings, seniors, portraits, and boudoir. They also make excellent portfolios for your photography studio. Offer the Leather Wrap Album as either your main album or as an add-on gift to a family member whose style the book fits well.

rustic & urban albums

The Rustic Album cover features brown distressed leather with a leather strap closure, and the Urban Album cover features a smooth leather with a metal closure for a more contemporary look.

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rustic & urban leather wrap albums
Tooled Leather Wrap Albums


Our relaxed Tooled Leather Wrap Albums will appeal to your customers looking for something special and unique. The pages are available in Watercolor, Art Matte, and Recycled papers with an option for hand-torn edges.

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The Mini Leather Wrap Albums fits well with weddings, seniors, portraits and boudoir and as an add-on gift to a larger album order. With four distinct styles, it is not hard to find one that fits the personality of your client’s session.

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Mini Leather Wrap Albums

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the unique nature of the sewn page signatures (sets of pages) in Leather Wrap Albums, we do not recommend designing full spreads. Some spreads in each album will be separated by a gap between signatures and the quantity of spreads per signature will vary depending on how many total spreads are in the album. This style of album should be designed ONLY as single sides.