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Your background library is a selection of images housed at H&H that are used to replace the removed background once an image goes through our knockout service. Once your library is set up, you select which background is used as you place orders in our hhschools software.

A background library can contain up to 50 different backgrounds and is used for all our knockout services. H&H has several backgrounds on file that you can select from or you can upload your own background files for us to use.

Your background library is organized using a sequence of letters and numbers that typically pertain to the season or type of photography you are doing. Only one letter and two numbers are allowed for each background name, and remember, the names will likely appear on your sales flyer so they should make sense to you and your customers.

Most school photographers divide their libraries into fall and spring semesters so an ideal background library might look like this.

Sports photographers can divide by league, sport, or school depending on their needs but should maintain a clear numeric sequence for clarity during data entry. An example of a sports library with a variety of leagues and sports might look like this.

If you are using more than one of our KO services, use the background names to organize your library in a way that makes sense to you.

Ideally, we recommend updating and purging your library at least once a year.

If you wish to upload custom backgrounds into your library, image files must meet the following criteria:

  • 8" x 12" (2400px x 3600px) at 300ppi
  • sRGB color profile


Fill out the Knockout Background Library Form to establish a new library or make changes to your current library.

Knockout Background Library Form


Not sure what backgrounds are in your library? Just fill out this quick form and we'll send you a contact sheet preview via email!

Knockout Library Preview Form
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black & white



team colors

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Marketing Images

Download the Marketing Files for our KO Sports Backgrounds here. Suggested uses of these images are pre-pay flyer designs, hhimagehost, marketing brochures/booklets, and marketing banners. The files may also be used on your website for marketing purposes.

download marketing images
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