wallet tins

wallet tins

The perfect containers to hold photographic wallets or accordion wallets with metal covers; these tins make the package complete! Print an image on the front of the tin to personalize. (Shown with photographic wallets - not included)

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  • Aluminesence tin container (brushed silver base)
  • Your image printed on top lid
  • Can hold accordion wallets with rounded corners or up to 64 wallets die cut wallets with rounded corners. Order accordion wallets with rounded corner option in hhstudio. Order wallets with die cut rounded corners in hhstudio.

The ChromaLuxe Surface

Metal products have a UV resistant coating added by a special process application. Occasionally, due to this process, the surface will contain slight imperfections such as small craters or bumps. We inspect each piece very carefully to assure these occasional imperfections are within our tolerances and only located in background areas. Therefore, tins that contain these slight imperfections are not considered for remakes or credits.

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how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

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Marketing Images

Open these files in Photoshop, add your own images and use them on your web site or in marketing brochures or catalogs.

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