Our soft cover books fill the niche for quality, cost effective books! Perfect bound – the H&H way – you can depend on strong quality construction and brilliant colors. It is hard to find a better value with such style and quality.

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5x5 aspect ratio

8x8    ■    6x6

4x5 aspect ratio

8x10    ■    5.5x7 / 7x5.5    ■    4x5 / 5x4

4x6 aspect ratio

6x9 / 9x6    ■    4x6 / 6x4


Minimum 4 pages (8 sides)    ■    Maximum 70 pages (140 sides)

Paper Types


UV coated Gloss Cover Stock


Satin Text Paper


Center Split

While not engineered to lay perfectly flat, our Perfect stitch bound soft cover books feature strong, quality construction with a high quality look and feel.

Center Split
Corner Detail

Page Corners

Soft cover press books have square page corners.

Page Style

Press book pages are printed on both sides without the need for page cores or adhesives. This gives each book a slim profile.

Spine Detail
First Page

First Page

The first page in a soft cover press book is a sheet of white velum which gives the book a sophistocated look as well as protecting the pages.

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Design guides are for use in Adobe Photoshop. They can be downloaded from the Press Books Design & Ordering page.

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