Proof Plan Design

Proof Plan Flyer Design

Don't have the time or the staff to design your school products? Let our designers help! We can design and personalize your proof plan with your logo, contact information, packages and pricing - using one of our stock designs or a custom design just to fit your needs.

3 Day Service Time


8½x14 with 5” tear-off envelope

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Each proof plan is designed to fit your studio’s needs. Check out our stock flyer designs to decide which one might work best for you! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us create a completely custom look just for you! Contact the design center for more information. Custom text fields can enhance your workflow. Ask your designer about including text fields that can flow from your data to the finished flyer.

view stock flyer designs
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Design Options

Level 1:

  • Text changes only (unlimited, includes adding studio logo)

Level 2:

  • Unlimited text changes (includes adding studio logo)
  • Add-on product changes within the same template theme as the original design

Level 3:

  • Unlimited text changes (includes adding studio logo)
  • Add-on product changes outside of the template theme in the original design

Level 4:

  • Custom design

After your flyer design is completed, we can create a matching price list in your hhimagehost account including package and add-on graphics, if ordered. H&H must design your proof plan flyer in order to setup the hhimagehost price list. This option has a 3 day service time which will begin upon the approval of your pre-pay flyer design.

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how to order


  1. Plan your flyer design. Use our Flyer Design Worksheet to help you with the decision making process
  2. Print your package definitions PDF file from hhschools. See instructions below.
  3. Submit your order to the Design Center by filling out the Flyer Design Form.
  4. When the design is ready you will be sent a proof via email. Please look over your finished proof plan flyer design carefully and mark any necessary changes in Workfront.
  5. We have a provided a helpful checklist to assist you with the approval process. Click here to view pre-pay flyer design checklist.
  6. Once your design has been approved, your designer will send the setup files to you via email that will allow you to place your proof plan orders through hhschools.

Your designs will be kept on file at H&H and changes may be requested at any time at an additional fee.

Getting Started

Not sure what you should do to prepare to order flyer design? Download our Flyer Design Worksheet and we will walk you step by step through the decision making process.

Flyer Design Worksheet

hhschools package definitions

If you will be requesting a new custom flyer design, before filling out the Flyer Design Form you will need to set up your packages in hhschools and print a PDF file of the package set for your flyer. Download the package definition files that import into hhschools for all of our stock flyer designs.

download stock flyer package definitions view Package PDF Instructions


Use this form to request a new custom flyer from one of our stock designs or to request changes to a flyer that has been designed and archived for your studio.

Flyer Design Form

Not sure what flyers you currently have on file for your studio? Fill out this form and our design staff will send you a preview of your current flyers.

flyer design preview form

Design Changes

  • Design orders will be billed when the preview is sent; changes may still be made after an order is billed.
  • Changes will only be allowed in the portion(s) of the flyer that have been customized. Any changes requested outside of this area will result in additional fees.
  • Changes must be made within the original design style chosen. Changing design styles constitutes a new design order.
  • Once a design is approved and final files are sent, a new order is required to request additional changes.
  • Your approved designs will be kept on file at H&H and changes may be requested at any time for an additional fee.

If we receive a Change Request, up to 5 changes (submitted together at one time) are included in the original design fee. Any changes over this amount will be billed separately.

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