Add to your special look with our wide selection of mounting services. We offer custom cut photo mounting boards and canvas photo mounts.

Service Time

  • 1 day


FREE shipping on prints up to 30x40. Shipping fees for prints with height or width greater than 40 inches:

  • Ground: $85
  • 2nd Day Air: $155
  • Overnight: $200


Our Artboard is manufactured with quality materials, and at a neutral pH which does not contain any chemicals that will interact with or damage photographic emulsions. Due to its fiber-based construction, artboard will warp due to variations in moisture content in the environment. Although it is a more economical mounting surface, for those cases where warping can be an issue, we recommend styrene. Remakes are not accepted due to warping of the artboard.

  • 3 ply (.077” thick) up to and including 11x14
  • 4 ply (.103” thick) over 11x14
  • 20x24 Artboard (4 ply) weighs 1lb. 5.4oz.
  • Mounted print size will be within 1/8” of the nominal print size.


Styrene mounts have no natural fibers in them. They are not affected by variations in moisture content in the environment. They will remain stable (flat, and warp free) even when they are subjected to large changes in humidity. They are also less prone to edge and corner damage than paper based mounts.

  • 20x24 styrene weighs 1lb. 10.6oz.
  • Mounted print size will be within 1/8” of the nominal print size.


Masonite is a 1/8” thick wood product with two smooth, tempered surfaces. Both smooth and heavy, it provides a substantial “feel”. It is extremely durable.

  • 20x24 Masonite weighs 2lbs. 15.2oz.
  • Mounted print size will be within 1/8” of the nominal print size.
  • 40x60 Masonite is charcoal grey, all other sizes are brown.


Gatorboard mounts are available either 3/16” or 1/2” thick. Gatorboard features a rigid polystyrene core and is sealed with a plastic coating on the back making it resistant to warping. With a white or black cross section, this board is ideal for display presentation of larger prints.

  • 20x24 1/2” Gatorboard weighs 1lb. 2.6oz.
  • 20x24 3/16” Gatorboard weighs 14.6oz.
  • Mounted print size will be within 1/8” of the nominal print size.

Photographic paper canvas prints are printed on your choice of lustre or pearl photo paper and then heat and pressure bonded to 10oz canvas. This type of canvas has the highest apparent texture and organic, less structured weave of all our canvas options.

Canvas on Masonite

Canvas on Masonite

Canvas on Gatorboard

Canvas on Gatorboard
  • Mounted print size will be within 1/8” of the nominal print size.
  • Mounts shown are not available for every print size. Refer to hhstudio for availability.

Bonded Canvas

Bonded canvas refers to the production method of pressing a photo paper print into canvas using heat and pressure. If a mount is not ordered, we refer to this simply as “Bonded Canvas”. The print will be loose and flexible.

Bonded Canvas

Canvas Stretcher Frame

A canvas stretcher frame uses a bonded canvas print and wraps it around a wood frame, secured on the sides and back with staples.

Canvas Stretcher Frame

Custom Canvas Stretcher Frame

  • Custom cut or custom assembled canvas stretcher frame to match a non-standard (not listed) print size
  • Standard length sizes: 8”, 10”, 11”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 30”, & 40”
  • Custom non-standard canvas stretcher frame charges are in addition to the next largest stretcher frame price.


Standout Mounts are available in both 3/4” and 1-1/2” thick and are made of lightweight, dense Gatorfoam with a high quality, white or black display banding around the edges. Standout Mounts have a moisture barrier on the back that will prevent future warping of the mount. All Standout Mounts have pre-drilled holes for mounting the boards flush to the wall.

  • 20x24 3/4” weighs 1lb. 5.7oz.
  • 20x24 1 1/2” weighs 1lb. 15.7oz.
  • Mounted print size will be within 1/8” of the nominal print size.
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