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Velocity is our album and book design software that helps you design in minutes, not hours. Save time and upload your orders directly to H&H! Best yet, it's free!

The following products are currently included in Velocity:

  • 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, and 5x5 Gallery Lay-flat Albums (all cover types)
  • 10x10, 8x8, and 5x5 Economy Albums
  • 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, and 5x5 Photographic Pano Books (all cover types)

Velocity designs albums with 1 click

Watch Velocity use 162 images to design a 58 page album with 1 click in just 16 seconds!

This feature is called Autoflow and it can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to design an album. Once it creates your design, you have complete creative control to crop images, change page layouts, add or remove pages, or any other edits you want to make.



Click each thumbnail to open the full image.


Page Templates


Hundreds of Page Templates

Choose from hundreds of pre-made layouts to make album design quick, easy, and beautiful or create and save your own page styles. Layouts are organized by page or spread and by the number of images needed.

Color Correction


Individual Image Color Correction

Each image on every page can be color and density corrected by our team if you choose "H&H to Correct" when you place your orders. We can help correct your exposure and white balance to ensure a more consistent final product.

Product Selection


Easily Change Album Size or Cover Type!

Need to change size or cover type after your book is already designed? No problem! You can change everything about your product selection until you place the order.

Want to order two or more different sizes from the same design? Just copy your original order and change the copy to any size and cover type you like!

Page Navigation


Fast Page Navigation

Quickly and easily jump from one page in your album design to another. Just click the page thumbnail!

Page Navigation


Custom Cropping for every image

Double-click an image in your page layout to open the crop window. Crop controls include size, position, and tilt. Use the optional Grid to help straighten horizons.

Cover Design Guides


Built-in Cover Design Guides

Cover design guides are built in for every type of cover that requires images; Acrylic, Metal, Printed Leather, and Photographic covers. They can be hidden and shown during design and will never print on your final product. No need to download and use Photoshop guides! Always see the exact spine width you need when designing photographic covers.

Image Masks


Creative Image Masks

Add decorative borders to your images without having to open Photoshop. Blend images using gradient masks. Add subtle patterns using texture masks. Import your own masks for even more customization!

Scrapbook Graphics


Add Custom Graphics

Add graphics, logos, text, and more with the Scrapbook tab. Import any PNG file and create your own Scrapbook graphics. Just drag and drop them into your album design!



Add Page Backgrounds

Add stock or custom page backgrounds. Import your own files. Blend any background image with the page background color for unlimited combinations.

Image Labels


Keep track of which images you've used

Each time an image is used, an orange bubble appears at the top right corner of the thumbnail. The number inside the bubble shows how many times it has been used.

Image Organizing Options


Sort your images to save time!

Sort and categorize your images to save time during design. Want to see only the images that haven't been used yet? Just sort by Picture Usage!



In-Person Sales Previews

Show your clients their album design in a clean, full screen presentation mode.



Export Proofs to share with your clients

Share album designs with your clients using your preferred file sharing method. Export individual JPEG files of each page or a PDF of the entire book. Pages are marked with a copyright. PDF files are protected against manipulation in image editing software.

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Software System Requirements

PC Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10
Mac OSX 10.4 Intel and later

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