H&H offers several different shipping methods to get your order wherever you need it to go. Our centralized Midwest location allows us to get your order to any location in the country fast and effectively. Whether you are looking to save money or time or both, we can ship your order the way that best fits your studio's needs.

Ship to your Studio

  • We will produce your order and ship from the lab directly to your studio.
  • We default ship volume orders using FedEx ground.
  • You can ship your orders via FedEx, UPS or U.S.P.S.
  • If you need to expedite or change the shipping method, you can do it one of two ways:
    • hhschools and hhsports ordering software allow the studio to select air shipping on the order screen. This will change the shipping to the fastest available air shipping method for your area. (Does not upgrade to Priority Overnight delivery. Call to have Priority shipping added)
    • Contact customer service prior to the order being invoiced. Shipping cannot be adjusted after the order has been invoiced.
  • Shipping price is determined by weight and courier. H&H shares our discounted rates with you. Please contact us for a quote.
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Drop Ship

  • We will produce your order and ship from H&H to your customer (school, league, organizations)
  • We default drop ship volume orders using FedEx ground.
  • Expedited shipping may be available based on the location it is being shipped.
  • We will email you the invoice so your customer does not see pricing.
  • There is no branding on the packaging or mailing label, so the order looks like it came from your studio.
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Ship to Home

  • Available with or without tracking
  • Packaged and sealed in a rigid mailer or small box (separate cost)
  • Orders that fit in a rigid mailer are charged a flat rate.
  • Orders that do not fit in a rigid mailer and require a box will be charged by weight.
  • Shipped via U.S. Mail First Class (this cannot be changed)
  • Ship to home—with tracking can be tracked by recipient via automated shipment notification email and by studio via hhschools order history lookup.
  • Large print items such as banners, wall clings and prints 11x14 and larger are not eligible for ship-to-home with tracking, and should be excluded from your package offering.
  • Plaques, mugs, and water bottles should be excluded from your package offering if you wish to have H&H ship to home for you.

Watch this video to Learn more about ship to home

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