artisan materials

Not all cover materials are created the same. There is a high level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into curating and developing the perfect product. Our team invests a significant amount of time to ensure the materials we choose will stand the test of time and offer something unique for you to present to your clients.

Want an elegant and organized way to share these materials with your clients? Nothing beats being able to see and touch these fabrics and leathers! Order our album swatch sample box.

Leather Albums

leather & acrylic albums

Our leathers are sourced from the highest quality raw materials. Available in 18 different variations and textures, our leather albums are sure to be a hit with your clients and will help your studio stand out.

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synthetic albums

Available in 21 variations and colors, our modern synthetics provide an animal-friendly set of options for your clients.

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Synthetic Albums



Fabric Albums

fabric albums

Perfect for all your album needs, this economical choice gives you high quality with a rich texture at an affordable price. Available in 9 contemporary colors.

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endsheet materials

Customizing your endsheets is the quickest way to give your albums a quality bump. No one can resist the feel of our crushed velvet album liners. These liners are the finishing touch on any album. Choose from one of 6 crushed velvet colors to add a luxurious touch to your album. You can also select an economical standard black endsheet at no extra charge.


album cover personalization

No one wants a boring black leather album any more. Today, your modern clients want individuality. They want to showcase the best of the best. The Salvatore Cincotta Collection offers your clients 3 unique ways to customize their final presentation.

Album Cover Personalization

album boxes

Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted album boxes are the absolute finishing touch for any custom album. If you want to deliver a truly unique finished product to your client check out our Brooklyn and Manhattan album boxes.

Manhattan Box

manhattan box

Inspired by luxury brands, this two-piece box is customizable to match your one-of-a-kind album.

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brooklyn box

This clamshell box is fully customizable and utilizes magnetic closures to present your albums in a professional way.

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Brooklyn Box



Standard Box

standard box

FREE with every album order, this black paper box will dress up any album and allow you to present a complete package to your clients. Our standard box also comes with a black protection sleeve.

  • FREE – standard packaging for all albums
  • Made from high density rigid chip board and wrapped with high-quality art paper
  • Matte Black & Black Interior
  • Includes soft fabric protective envelope