Chroma Studio Background Templates


This set of studio background templates features white text lines and image borders. Replace the orange background in each template with your own design. The optional background color underlay may be changed or deleted.

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Chroma Studio Background templates feature a single, classic, sans-serif font. Refer to the lists below to view the available character set for each font.

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design guides

Download the Photoshop design templates for our Chroma Studio Background Theme. These templates will be used to create your background design files. The final products will be ordered through hhschools.

Instruction PDF
download template guides
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marketing files

Download the Photoshop Marketing Files for our Chroma Studio Background Theme here. Suggested uses of these images are pre-pay flyer designs, hhimagehost, marketing brochures/booklets, and marketing banners. The files may also be used on your website for marketing purposes.

By using these files you agree that the files will only be used for marketing purposes and that salable product will not be produced from these images without purchasing a license from the original license holder.

Download template Marketing Files
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