Posed Action Products

Action Sports products – the next evolution of sports design have been created for posed action or game action photography.

Select your favorite 1-4 images of an athlete, gather the player data you want incorporated in the design and select one of the 4 exciting design themes, our professional photo lab will design a custom poster that utilizes the player’s jersey colors and can be produced on 12x18 & 20x30 posters, mouse pads and smaller add-on prints. You may also download the high res jpeg of the design at no additional charge!

Shipping: Ground FOB

Service Time

2 Days (Artwork), 1 Day (Products)


  • Send 1-4 poses of each subject
  • Images will be cut out and layered on your choice of 4 design themes
  • Each design will be customized to the colors in the player's uniform
  • Please Note: Skin tones in the Urban theme will be B&W (see example below)
  • Add up to 6 lines of text; first & last names, year, sport, team name & position
  • The digital file of your design will be available for download at no additional cost

Posed Action Design Themes

Posed Action Design Examples

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  • 5x7 Print
  • 8x10 Print
  • 12x18 Poster
  • 20x30 Poster
  • Neoprene Mouse Pad
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how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

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