flat metal prints

Print on metal! You can select Aluminessence for a transparent, aluminum base that will allow the metal to show through creating an edgy look. Or select Brilliant for a bright, clear, glossy white base that will showcase the image while maintaining true white and brilliant color that pops! Another great option is our matte finish, available in select sizes, with a smooth velvety feel. No matter which finish you choose, this unique product helps you differentiate your work.

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6x6    ■    8x8    ■    10x10    ■    12x12    ■    16x16    ■    20x20    ■    24x24    ■    30x30

Horizontal or Vertical

4x6    ■    5x7    ■    8x10    ■    8x12    ■    11x14    ■    12x18    ■    16x20    ■    16x24    ■    20x24    ■    20x30    ■    24x30    ■    24x36    ■    30x40


4x12    ■    8x24    ■    10x20    ■    15x30    

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Metal Finish

  • Brilliant (glossy white base)
  • Matte (matte white base, limited sizes)
  • Aluminessence (brushed silver base)

Want to preview what your image will look like on Aluminessence metal? Download this Photoshop file:

Aluminessence Metal Preview

Mounting Options

  • Metal easel (not available for all sizes)
    • Flat Metal Easel available in these sizes: 4x6H, 5x7H, 8x10V, 8x12V, 10x10, 11x4H, 11x14V, 12x18H, 12x18V, 12x12, 16x16
    • Hinged Metal Easel available in these sizes: 4x6V, 5x7V, 6x6, 8x8, 8x10H, 8x12H
  • Hanging mount
  • Float mount (1/2” stand-out mount) available for all sizes except 4x6 and 8x24
  • Branded float mount (1/2” stand-out mount) available for all sizes except 4x6 and 8x24 with your choice of logo/image on the metal

Shaping/Drilling Options

  • Rounded corners - all 4 corners of the print are rounded
  • Drill top 2 corners - holes drilled in the top 2 corners of the print
  • Drill all 4 corners - holes drilled in all 4 corners of the print
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metal print longevity

ChromaLuxe metal prints have gone through extensive fade resistance testing to compare it to the three leading archival photo papers in the market. Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated ChromaLuxe to last significantly longer than the three longest lasting photo papers! Feel confident your ChromaLuxe metal prints will last for generations!

ChromaLuxe photo panels are an exciting new high definition display option that transforms your photos into vibrant works of art. ChromaLuxe photo panels have an extremely durable scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Fade Testing Results

Two independent and highly respected research and testing laboratories have conducted environmental life tests on ChromaLuxe Photo Panels and have clearly concluded that ChromaLuxe Hi-Def Metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the market.

The first laboratories’ testing replicated the effects of incandescent lighting along with indirect natural sunlight against the likelihood of noticeable fading over time. ChromaLuxe was compared against the top three long-lasting (archival) photo papers with test results showing that ChromaLuxe lasts twice as long as the next closest photo paper and four times longer than the third best photo paper.

The second independent laboratories’ testing replicated the effects of fluorescent lighting in a windowless office environment. In this test, measuring the likelihood of noticeable fading, ChromaLuxe outlasted its next closest long-lasting photo paper by a factor of 1.7 times the life of the photo paper.

The high definition, vibrant colors of ChromaLuxe coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant properties make ChromaLuxe an excellent choice for commercial, fine art and home décor applications.

Chromaluxe Metal Durability Video

The ChromaLuxe Surface

Metal print products have a UV resistant coating added by a special process application. Occasionally, due to this process, metal prints will contain slight imperfections such as small craters or bumps. We inspect each metal print very carefully to assure these occasional imperfections are within our tolerances and only located in background areas. Therefore, metal prints that contain these slight imperfections are not considered for remakes or credits.

Unlike Anything Else

The vibrancy and dimensionality of ChromaLuxe products rivals any photographic product and exceeds the quality of traditional paper prints when placed behind inherently imperfect glass.

As you move beyond the 4x6 print, ChromaLuxe provides exceptional quality of detail and resolution that allows you to turn your photography into the focal point of wall décor. Mounting blocks are available to attach to the back of the metal photo panels to allow them to float off the wall and offers a natural drop shadow.

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Design Guides

Download Photoshop design guides here.

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