edge print boxes

With its clamshell style, magnetic closures, and wooden edges, this is one print box that will stop people in their tracks. You have the ability to completely customize it to match your images. Pick the same colors and fabrics or opt for complementary colors for maximum impact. Either way, our boxes are one-of-a-kind and a true stand-out for you and your studio.

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Boxes hold between 8-20 matted or mounted prints. One acrylic easel is included with each box.


5x7 prints are protected between 2 layers of mat board with a beveled image opening. Choose from one of three paper types; lustre, pearl (glossy), and deep matte.

Matted Edge Prints with Box
Mounted Edge Prints with Box


8x10 prints are flush mounted on white styrene. Choose from one of two paper types; lustre or pearl (glossy).


Precision machined to hold one matted or mounted print. Works well with both vertical and horizontal images. One acrylic easel is included with each order.

Acrylic Easel
Edge Box Depth


Boxes are available in 2 depths to accommodate a variety of print quantities. 8-12 prints will be placed in the standard depth box, which is 2” tall. 13-20 prints are delivered in a taller, 3” box.


Three colors of lifting ribbon are available to customize each box.

Lifting Ribbon
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Select one material for the outside and one for the inside. Coordinate or select different colors to create a custom box for each set of prints.

  • Black Linen
    Black Linen
  • Slate Grey Linen
    Slate Grey Linen
  • Coal Linen
    Coal Linen
  • Burlap Linen
    Burlap Linen
  • Rich Brown Linen
    Rich Brown Linen
  • Dark Brown Linen
    Dark Brown Linen
  • Henna Brown Linen
    Henna Brown Linen
  • Rose Linen
    Rose Linen
  • Navy Blue Linen
    Navy Blue Linen
  • Smokey Blue Linen
    Smokey Blue Linen
  • Pigeon Blue Linen
    Pigeon Blue Linen
  • Soft Lavender Linen
    Soft Lavender Linen
  • Soft Green Linen
    Soft Green Linen
  • Olive Green Linen
    Olive Green Linen
  • Designer Blue Jeans
    Designer Blue Jeans
  • Kashmir
  • Natural Canvas Oat
    Natural Canvas Oat
  • Natural Canvas Willow
    Natural Canvas Willow
  • Natural Heather
    Natural Heather
  • Grey Shagreen
    Grey Shagreen
  • Ruby Woodland
    Ruby Woodland
  • Brown Woodland
    Brown Woodland
  • Charcoal Woodland
    Charcoal Woodland
  • Light Grey Woodland
    Light Grey Woodland
  • Mushroom Woodland
    Mushroom Woodland
  • Black Silk
    Black Silk
  • Grey Silk
    Grey Silk
  • Cranberry Silk
    Cranberry Silk
  • Toffee Silk
    Toffee Silk
  • Charcoal Woven
    Charcoal Woven
  • Olive Woven
    Olive Woven
  • Elephant Woven
    Elephant Woven
  • Oyster Woven
    Oyster Woven
  • Clay Woven
    Clay Woven
  • Chocolate Woven
    Chocolate Woven

wood accent

Wood accents add stability and structure as well as another way to customize the look of your boxes. Choose from 4 hand stained wood colors.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Walnut
  • White

Edge swatch sample box

This must-have tool for professional photographers is a fabric covered box that holds swatches of our Edge Collection materials. The swatches allow your customers to touch and feel all of our cover options to make informed decisions about an important purchase.

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Center Split
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5x7 prints in 8x10 mats or 8x10 mounted prints
Minimum number of prints is 8. Maximum number is 12.

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Paper Types

Photographic lustre    ■    Photographic pearl (glossy)    ■    Photographic deep matte (matted prints only)

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  • Lustre coating - available only on lustre paper
  • Linen or Pebble texture - available on lustre or matte paper
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how to order

To order this product, use the Edge Prints web order form.

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