hhschools is the latest volume school, sports and events software platform. Designed for maximum work flow automation and efficiency with Data Match, powerful automation, and total project management capability, hhschools allows you to be 100% competitive in the school picture business. hhschools is H&H’s proprietary software and is FREE to all H&H customers!

Not an hhschools user?

Interested in using hhschools to manage your schools or sports photography business? Fill out the awareness form to tell us about your school and sports business and a member of our team we will be in touch to you to verify hhschools is the right application and discuss the next steps for your business.


Already an hhschools user?

With the fall season starting soon, we have moved our focus from bringing on new business to helping our customers finish their preparations for fall season. We are now accepting onboarding applications for winter which will begin October 5, 2022, to prepare you for any jobs you will have in November or later.

If you are a current hhschools user but need to install it on a new computer, open hhschools, go to Help, and “Download Install” and choose the Windows or Mac install you wish to download.

Download Install

If you currently have an active H&H account, but have not downloaded hhschools or hhsports, please click here to tell us about your school and sports business. We will give you a call to personally discuss your specific needs to make sure we can support that segment of your business.

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Software System Requirements

  Recommended Minimum
PC Windows 7 SP1 or newer Windows Vista SP2
Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina or newer OSX 10.11 El Capitan

  Recommended Minimum
CPU Quad-core processor Dual-core processor 
RAM 12GB or more 4GB
Hard Drive  SSD or SAS drives 7200 RPM SATA 

Network: If only storing images on local computer and only using network to upload orders, then any network connection should be acceptable. If working with hhschools in ‘network’ mode and storing images on a network file server or NAS, then we recommend 1 gig, wired network connection. We do not recommend wireless network connections when using hhschools across a network.

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Mac installation

Having trouble installing hhschools on your mac? Watch this video to see how to fix the most common installation issues on a Mac:

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