Admin Exports

Admin Exports

Images for the school administration are an essential service item required by schools. It’s these images that provide the school the ability to recognize and identify students. We offer many different types of school administration software exports. Let us help provide you with the correct export to fit the school’s needs.

Delivery: Web delivery    ■    hhschools export

export options

Each administration export has its own precise specifications. The following questions may need to be asked to determine which type of export the school needs:

  • What School Administration software is the school using?
  • What file format does the software require for the images (.bmp, .tiff, .jpg, etc.)?
  • What size image is required, in pixels? For example (300H x 200W)
  • What resolution is required for the images? (pixels per inch)
  • How should the image files be named?
  • Is an accompanying text file needed? If so, what format does it need to be? (comma delimited, tab delimited)
  • What information and in what order should the text file contain?
    For example, a typical comma delimited file would contain the following: Image Name, Student ID #, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Teacher
  • Should the data and images be placed into a specific folder, and if so, how should the folders be named?
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web delivery

When you place a service item order for an admin export, H&H will process the order, post these images and data to ShareFile, and request ShareFile to send an email to the address you provide for that order.

Service Time: 2 Days

Important note: We recommend that you consider using a different email than the one you’ve given H&H for H&H order confirmations. This will help you to quickly identify these export emails and not get them mixed in with your H&H order confirmation emails.

  • Service Item order
  • Fast delivery
  • No shipping charges
  • Able to forward to your schools
  • Utilizes Citrix ShareFile to maintain security of delivery
  • Built in 90-day archive
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hhschools export options

General Purpose Export

The general-purpose export is a generic export that is created using the project images and data from an H+H Schools project. This gives you the ability to create a general admin export of images and data for the school that can be used with the top 10 administration software systems. This export can also be used for id card printing solutions at the school or in studio.

  • Quickly export a set of images and data from hhschools project
  • Images are 320x400 @72ppi named by student ID
  • Compatible with the 10 most popular admin programs
  • Can be used for printing ID Cards at the studio

Custom Export

When you need to deliver an admin export fast and the General Purpose Export isn’t enough, use this option to create a custom export of images and data that have the right image size, cropping, naming and associated data.

  • Quickly export a set of images and data from hhschools project
  • 640x800 max size
  • Compatible with almost all admin programs
  • Can be used for printing ID cards at the studio
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how to order

To order this product download our hhschools software.

download hhschools purchase hhschools export license
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