Kaleidoscope Portrait Program

Kaleidoscope Portrait Program

As you plan to use one of our spring programs it’s important that you consider all of the variables and allow enough time to be fully prepared on picture day. Not only do you need to make sure you have the background and equipment necessary for the shoot but also that you’re approved for KO Services at H&H and your prepay flyer is printed or your proof plan is setup with our design team.

Once you’ve chosen your capture background and have all of the equipment you’ll need on-hand, testing and flyer design usually takes between 10-15 working days. Look at your calendar and consider if you have the time needed to complete the setup by picture day.



Use the chart below to determine how much additional time is needed for your flyer design, setup and printing.

Studio Designed Prepay Flyers H&H Designed Prepay Flyers Proof Plan Design and Setup
Flyer Design & Setup 0 Days 2 Days 3 Days
Flyer Printing 2 Days 2 Days 2 Days

Service time guarantees are dependent on healthy communication with your studio, the number of flyers you are printing and will vary during peak season. Order early!



Pose 1 is a 3/4 length standing pose. It is designed to pair with our environmental backgrounds.


Pose 2 is a 1/2 length pose which can be either standing, facing the opposite direction as pose 1, or seated on a posing stool or chair. This pose is intended for use with a graphic background.

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Academy Studio Background Products

Academy studio background templates give you the flexibility to customize the look of each product for your clients. In this program, we are providing three new backgrounds that coordinate with the Kaleidoscope program to make ordering quick and easy for the studio.

Image Only Products

Dimensions Prints

These 8x10 prints add new “dimension” to green screen. The layering effect of a foreground element combined with a coordinating background and optional personalization make them unique and irresistible!

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linen backgrounds

Spring program sales flyers feature our Academy studio background templates. We are providing three background choices; amber, sepia, and smoke linen. A unique background jpeg file has been created for each product in every color to make ordering easy. The backgrounds can be used with or without the white text accent lines.

download files with lines download files without lines
view Academy template details
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Kaleidoscope Lighting Diagram

Kaleidoscope Green Screen Lighting Diagram - click image for larger view

All light values are measured with a light meter that has been calibrated to match the exposure value of the camera(s). The camera and meter ISO is set to 100. The camera’s f-stop will be f8 and the shutter speed will be 125th of a second. All light measurements will be based on this, ISO 100 and the camera will be set to f8 @ 125th of a second. Follow the lighting diagram for the position of the lights.


  • Approximately 64 inches high
  • 8'6” from background
  • Measure this light with the fill light on. Point the dome of the light meter at the main light. The combined value of both the main & fill light firing at the same time is f8. This is the f-stop to set your camera to.


  • Approximately 80 inches high
  • 17 feet from background directly behind the camera/photographer
  • Measure this light with a light meter by itself at f2.8 and 5/10th. Be sure the dome of the light meter is pointed at the fill light.


  • Approximately 80 inches high
  • 5’ from the background
  • Measure this light with the main and fill firing. Point the dome of the meter at the light. This light should measure at f5.6½.
  • Remember the purpose of this light is to separate the subject from the background so be sure to aim the light to hit the hair and the shadow side of the subject. It’s okay for some of this light to spill onto the background

In your testing be sure to keep the background as evenly lit as possible! If you see any shadows adjust your main & hair/separation lights to eliminate all shadows.

download lighting instructions
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Kaleidoscope Equipment Diagram - click image for larger view


Westcott Rapid Box Switch Softbox 3 x 4 (plus speed ring).


Westcott Rapid Box Switch Strip Softbox 1 x 3 (plus speed ring).
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Here are the recommended knockout backgrounds for this spring program from the H&H library. You may choose to use these or any other background from the H&H library, or files you provide for backgrounds. Before you can place product orders using any knockout background, it must first be added to your studio's library. Click below for more information.

knockout library info


Picture Day Posters

Our stock picture day posters provide a quick and economical solution to your busy schedule. Provide these to your school to help remind students of the upcoming picture day.

View All Picture Day Posters
Picture Day Posters
Picture Day Reminder Notices

Picture Day Reminder Notices

Our reminder notices are another product to help save you time and money. Sending home a notice with students reminds families of the important upcoming picture day!

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Prepay Flyers

H&H prepay flyers are printed and distributed to parents before an event is photographed. This is a marketing and order form that contains product marketing images, packages and products available for purchase, studio contact information, and includes a payment envelope order form. Use one of our pre-printed stock designs, create your own, or let our Design Center design it for you.

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Prepay Flyers
Proof Plans

Proof Plans

Proof Plans are printed after an event is photographed. This is an order form that contains product marketing images with the actual student’s images in the products. Your packages and products available for purchase are listed along with studio contact information and a payment envelope is included for checks or cash.

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