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The number one question asked of our photo lab's customer service representatives is; “When is my order scheduled to ship?” By setting your account up and then logging on to our web site, you will find a complete listing of both your current orders and orders that have shipped within two weeks of your inquiry. Here’s a list of information available to you free 24/7 on this site:

  • Detailed order tracking - know the date each of your orders arrive at H&H and follow its progress through various departments
  • Access your financial account information including payments, credits, invoices, and monthly statements
  • Order shipping information - estimated ship date, air bill and tracking numbers and order numbers for multiple orders shipped in a single box
  • Send email messages to customer service
  • View the current products, services, prices, and much more
  • Upcoming events and program dates for conventions and photography classes

All access to your orders and account information, and price catalog is strictly password protected. However, to be included in the data downloading of order information, you must first call customer service and ask to be set up. Have two passwords ready when you call and we will gladly add you to the growing number of H&H customers logging on to this site!

Ordering Supplies

Log into our web site and fill out the Supplies Order Form. Contact customer service for assistance as needed.

Supplies Order Form

hhstudio Minimum Orders & Order Separations

hhstudio breaks jobs into categories when an order is placed. A minimum order is applied to each category. This list shows which products will be grouped together in a single order and the minumum order for each group.

Minimum & Separations
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