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Designed for maximum workflow automation and efficiency with Data Match, powerful automation, and total project management capability, hhschools allows you to be 100% competitive in the school picture business. Learn the skills to use core hhschools features to their full potential, boosting the impact of your workflow efforts, driving results and saving you time.

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hhschools training videos

Viewing Videos Full Screen

Follow these easy steps to view any of the videos on this page full screen on a desktop computer or mobile device:

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hhschools Basics

The series of 10 videos teaches you the basics of how to use our hhschools software from package setup to ordering.

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hhschools Workflow Features

This series of 4 videos teaches you some advanced features of hhschools workflow.

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Direct Upload

Introducing a new hhschools feature, Direct Image Upload to an hhimagehost 2nd Sale or Proofing event.

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Studio Bridge

How to order hhstudio products from an hhschools project using the Studio Bridge.

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Service Items

This series of videos for hhschools will show you how to order printed service items.

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Sports in hhschools

In this web class Jeff Locklear explains how to use hhschools in a sports environment workflow.

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Image Level Color Override

Learn how to order packages in multiple color tones (black & white, brown tone, etc.) in your projects in hhschools.

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RTD Labels

Learn how to customize the information printed on your Ready To Deliver Labels on orders placed using hhschools software.

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Automated Class Composites

This series of videos will teach you how to order Automated Class Composites in hhschools.

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Green Screen Knockout at High-Res Preload

Learn how to optimize the workflow of green screen projects.

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Color Correction Workflow

This video explains the color correction workflow options in hhschools.

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Learn how to sync your scanner to your camera in this step by step video by Jeff Locklear.

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Address Book

This video shows how to use the Address Book feature in hhschools.

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