2-Sided Prints

If one side is good, then two sides are better! A frameless, simplistic look for the minimalist, modern home. Great for a desktop easel to flip back and forth for a fresh look. Personalize for your client with names and image date. Add your logo for additional branding. OR…use as an economical way to gift your client or create an incentive for a higher-level package purchase. Two prints mounted front and back on black styrene provide a rigid, versatile two-sided product.

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  • 5x7
  • 8x10
  • 8x12
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Paper Types

photographic paper

Lustre    ■    Deep Matte    ■    Pearl (glossy)

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Color & density correction

Studio corrected prints: The studio is responsible for all color & density corrections; remakes are not allowed for color/density reasons.

H&H corrected prints: H&H corrects the color and density to lab standards; remakes are allowed for color/density reasons.

Color Tones


Color tones

Order prints in one of four color tone opptions. Images can be printed in color, black & white, brown tone 1, or brown tone 2. Click the image to enlarge.

how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

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