retouching & art

Our lab offers a full line of image retouching and art services. If you need us to be your “behind-the-scenes employee” on a regular basis, we are always here on the job – you can rely on us! Or if you just want to use us for overflow work or special projects, we have the expertise to handle the job quickly and efficiently!

Because we have established a fixed cost for the most common digital art, no estimate or approval is needed for these items. This allows you to better communicate costs to your customer up front without having to wait for an estimate. Extreme cases of any situation being corrected may require time based digital art.

1 Day Service Time





entire body

entire image

Spot Color Examples

Spot color may be used in two different ways; either change the image to black & white leaving only a selective bit in its original color, or leave the image in color and request a selective bit be changed to a different color. Specify your preferences in the retouching instructions in hhstudio.

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how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

download hhstudio


After the order has shipped, all retouched images are available for download at no additional charge.

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