While high quality school portraits capture the hearts of parents, it’s your service items like ID cards, delivered accurately and on time, that will grab the attention of your school’s contract decision maker and keep them coming back year after year.

The vast majority of H&H customers us H&H press printed or PVC ID card printing. Packaged and sequenced ready to deliver to the school, the H&H ID cards continue to be the core solution for delivering ID cards to schools.

H&H also provides solutions for studio printed ID cards and on site ID card printing. For more information, visit our Studio Printing Options page.

Shipping: Ground FOB

Service Time

1 Day (1-24 Images)    ■    2 Days (25+ Images)    ■    Add 2 days for knockout

Card Types

Digital Press
ID Cards

Printed on gloss laminated latex paper in 9-up sheets, these economical ID cards can be single or double sided.

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Digital Press ID Cards
PVC ID Cards

ID Cards

Printed individually, these plastic credit card style ID cards can be single or double sided.

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RFID & Prox
ID Cards

RFID and Prox-type cards are growing in popularity. If you have a school that requires this type of card, H&H can help you with that by printing on the school-specific cards you provide.

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RFID & Prox ID Cards
PVC Digital-Press RFID PVC with Adhesive Back Temporary ID
ID Card punch
PDF of ID Cards Available
Blanks Supplied by H&H H&H Studio H&H Studio
Printed by H&H H&H H&H H&H Studio
Includes Image
Can include Barcode
Flexible text mapping
Stock Design
Studio Background Design
Custom Design
Starting Price $1.00 37¢ $1.00* $1.26
Quantity Discounts
Service Time 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 1-2 Days < 1 Day

* plus cost of blanks

Design Options

We offer many options when it comes to the design of your ID cards. Choose the option that best fits your studio and the schools you work with.


The quickest and easiest way to get started with ID cards is to use one of our stock designs. We offer two themes in a range of colors. You will find information about these designs on both the Digital Press and PVC pages.

View Digital Press options
View PVC options
stock designs
Studio  background designs


Our studio background ID card templates are a hybrid of the studio and H&H doing the design work together. We have several pre-made templates that take care of the image and text styling and placement. You can design your own backgrounds to compliment each template. This hybrid workflow is beneficial because it eliminates the setup time needed for custom ID cards but still allows you to personalize the style and color scheme of the cards and even add things like mascots or other graphics schools may request.


Whether you prefer full creative control, or need to provide the school a more dynamic design, you can have your own ID card design. We have design guides to match the ID card type you select Or let our Design Center custom design this product for you!

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Custom design

studio printing options

The vast majority of H&H customers use H&H press printed or PVC ID card printing. Sequenced however you want, the H&H ID cards continue to be the core solution for delivering ID cards to schools. H&H offers solutions for all your ID card printing needs.

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Temporary ID Cards

Sometimes schools need ID cards fast for lunchroom or other admin purposes. In this case, the school may push for on-site ID card printing. An alternative is to use our hhschools software temporary ID card feature. Under the Project Setup and Reports menu go to the “Print Subject & Package Bar Codes” dropdown list. You’ll see a report “Temporary Student ID Cards – Avery Stock 5371” that will allow you to print temporary ID cards.

Print Subject & Package Bar Codes


hhschools formats the report for the Avery 5371 business card stock. Use this perforated stock to break the cards apart by hand. Or check “Stack sort” and bring your stack of sheets to a local printer to have them stack cut for a minimal fee.

Temporary Student ID Card
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Replacement ID Card Printing

Ordering replacement IDs in hhschools

  • In hhschools, tag the images that require replacement ID cards. Filter to those tagged images, then proceed with your service item order for ID cards.
  • PRO TIP: Check the “Reorder” box on the order to take advantage of a lower $7 minimum order charge (Reorders from a project of $200 or more that are submitted within 275 days (9 months) will be lowered from a $10 minimum-order charge to a $7 minimum-order charge.)
  • INSIDER HINT: Mark replacement ID card orders as a rush for faster service. Since ID cards are not expensive, you will likely be within the $7 minimum-order-charge for these small replacement orders.

Studio printing of replacement ID cards

Some studios ask H&H to produce the initial big run of ID cards. After that, they print any replacement ID cards at the studio. Use the hhschools software general purpose export to assist with this. Leverage hhschools as your school database. Look up students, tag them and export them out into your favorite ID card printer software.

Learn more about the hhschools general purpose export


H&H now offers an export (available via CD or web delivery) that is optimized for Photolynx PlicGo web platform for handling school admin exports and replacement ID card printing. Order your PlicGo export in hhschools software. You may upload the data file and images to PlicGo for schools to be able to print their own replacement ID cards.

Learn more about PlicGo from Photolynx
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how to order

To order this product download our hhschools software.

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