hhstudio does not give you a place to indicate that you would like expedited shipping. Once the order is in, you can either reply to the confirmation email with a request to upgrade the shipping or give customer service a call. You may incur extra charges when shipping is upgraded. Call customer service for specific questions.

Checking the box labeled “air” lets us know that you want you order shipped FedEx air instead of Ground. It is a good option when you need to get your order a little faster than usual. Keep in mind that shipping charges will be different.

Training videos for our software programs are available on our website.

hhschools videos hhsports videos

In addition, many products have videos that are on the How To Order page for that product. Also, you are welcome to call customer service with any questions you have regarding the software - we are happy to help!

hhstudio, hhsports, and hhschools have a direct upload tool built in.

Instructions for using the Opticon scanner can be found on our website. Instructions are also sent with each scanner purchased.

Opticon scanner info

Usually, a slow upload is due to a large order or slower internet speeds in your area. You might need to contact your internet service provider about upload speeds. You can check your internet speeds with this website.

Speed Test

If you are uploading a lot of images and your file sizes are very large it may take longer. When uploading large orders through hhschools or hhsports, you may want to reduce your image size to no larger than 11x17 at 300ppi.

In most cases, making sure you are on the latest version of hhstudio can solve this problem. In the software, go to Help > Check for updates.

If you are on the latest version of hhstudio and prices are not visible, make sure your prices are enabled. Go to Preferences > hhstudio Preferences. At the bottom, make sure enable pricing is selected.

If the computer you are using is not connected to the internet, hhstudio will not be able to access the catalog and provide pricing.

Most customers combine small orders into a single project to avoid order minimum fees and to get everything to ship together.

Shipping orders to our Canadian customers is done via FedEx International and the cost is determined by the weight of the order plus 10% of the invoice total once it is complete. Because of this, it is hard to estimate the shipping cost until the order is done. To help estimate these costs, you can add 10% of the invoice total to the shipping cost below:

Weight Shipping Cost
1-2 lbs $12.20
3-4 lbs $17.82
5-6 lbs $23.88
7-10 lbs $34.10

Here is an example: If your order weighs 3 lbs, and the invoice is $20 – your shipping charge would be $17.82 + ($20* 10%) = $19.82

If you cannot see prices, it is likely you aren’t logged in.

Design guides and templates are located on the main page for each product. Click the DESIGN GUIDES button at the top of the page.

The service time is determined by the time we receive your order. The confirmation email with the lab order number will give you the estimated ship date. If an order is received and entered before 9am, the order starts its service time that day.

Service times for each product are available on the main detail page for each item on the website.

Just fill out this quick form to change your street address, email address, or phone number on file with H&H.

Update Studio Info Form

Unfortunately, we do not.

Estimated ship date is calculated based on when your order is received, plus the applicable service time for the products ordered.

COLOR CORRECT – The order has been entered and is waiting to be printed. Studio Corrected Print orders will simply be printed as is, while all others will be color corrected and printed.

PRT – The order has been printed and is waiting to be assembled.

RECD FROM RTSVC – Art/retouching is complete and the order is waiting to be printed.

SER – The order is with a specific customer service representative or a manager for a question that may or may not require a call to the studio.

CustServ – The order has been routed to the customer service department with a question from production that may or may not require a call to the studio.

DIGITAL PRESS – The digital press order is printed and waiting to be assembled.

ASSEMBLY – The order is being assembled/completed.

BILLING – The order is finished and waiting to be invoiced.

INVOICED – The order is invoiced and ready to be shipped.

SHIPPED – order is completed,

DGTL LRG PRINTG – The order is ready for prints larger than 11x14, inkjet prints, wall clings, or banners to be printed.

HiResPreload Q – Order needs access to HiRes Pre Uploaded images currently being accessed by another order.

SEND KNOCKOUT – Green Screen images are being extracted from the backgrounds.

RECEIVED KNOCKOUT – The green screen knockout process is complete.

First, make sure you know the difference between image size and file size.

ile size is the size you see in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. This is the size of the "container" that holds your pixels.

Image size is calculated from the width and height dimensions of the pixels in your image. You can find this under Image>Image Size in Adobe Photoshop.

The following numbers all refer to Image size. These are the minimum recommended image sizes.

Print Size
Image Size
 8x10 or smaller
5-7 MB
 16x20 7-11 MB
 20x24 11-17 MB
17+ MB
 30x40  no more than 100 MB

Color tones are the four options available for printing images on most products. The image can be printed in color, black & white, brown tone 1, or brown tone 2. Click the image below to enlarge.

Color Tones

First, make sure you are logged into the site. Then, click below to update your credit card information.

update credit card info

If you are logged into the website, you can go to My Account at the top. From there, you can go to “My Orders” to see the status of your order.


Shipping for school and sports orders is determined by the weight of the order once it is complete. Because of this, it is hard to estimate the weight until the order is done. Generally speaking, a 5 pound box going FedEx Ground would cost $5.13 and a 10 pound box would cost $6.01. A 5 pound box going Standard Overnight would cost $13.02 and a 10 pound box would cost $18.29.

If you received your order and there is something wrong with it, let customer service know. We will do whatever we can to correct the problem.

No, unfortunately you can only use 1 coupon per order.

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