hhimagehost release notes

Each time we add or remove a product or feature, or fix a bug, we update this page to keep you informed.

October 13, 2021

New Features

  • Changed ‘HHschools Project Setup Data’ report to email when it is ready
  • Updated order page to only show 10 most recent orders
  • Added more search options to the order page
  • Removed filtering tabs from the order page
  • Changed the ‘Event Login Email Addresses Report’ to email when it is ready
  • Added the option to search for remake orders by the original orderID in addition to the remake orderID

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue on order page where search by customer name would only work with either first or last name, not full name
  • Fixed issue that caused the search bar to disappear in a when clicking on a specific sequence of links
  • Fixed issue on order page would show organization name instead of event name when searching events by organization name on events page and then going to Order page
  • Fixed issue causing the reset button to dissapear if user was redirected to Order page from Events
  • Fixed issue with the Proof and Prepay order csv report where a '+' symbol in an email address is replaced with space
  • Fixed issue when sorting by certain columns on the order page and updating status options result in 500 error if the studio has unprocessed orders
  • Fixed issue with Event Login Email Addresses Report that caused a 'Start date must be less than End date' error to be shown even after date has been corrected and submitted
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September 30, 2021

New Features

  • Updated the Proof planV2 Order CSV Report Generator to email the report when it is ready
  • Updated the PrepayV2 Order CSV Report Generator to email the report when it is ready

Fixed Issues

  • Improved the logic that manages record locking in the task queue
  • Updated the new account registration so only numbers, letters and dashes are allowed in the "domain name"
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September 9, 2021

New Features

  • Added pixel dimension recommendations for both the package marketing image and for addons marketing image on price lists
  • Created an archive tab for price lists active/edited/created more than 60 days ago

Fixed Issues

  • Changed marketing funnel updates to run in background instead of waiting to complete before showing packages at login
  • Fixed issue on 2nd sale where when a customer ordered B&W on a KO’d image the preview in the shopping cart was not B&W
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August 20, 2021

Catalog Updates

  • Added new packages to 2nd sale product catalog
  • Added new graphic products to 2nd sale product catalog

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed bug that caused events that expire today to not be listed in 'Events Expiring (Next 10 days)' and 'Top Live Events' dashboard tables
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August 11, 2021

New Features

  • Added HHIH marketing campaign selection to event presets

Catalog Updates

  • Made some error message wording changes on 2nd sale/Prepay presets when a change is required

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed bug in Prepay V1 that could sometimes cause an error when creating an event from a preset that required you to start over
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August 3, 2021

New Features

  • Expanded limit of background options for price lists
  • Put a check into place to not allow parents to use special characters that were causing broken CSV reports
  • Made a few minor text updates to improve the buyer experience

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed bug for that would not send a test broadcast when there are no active events for that event type
  • Fixed bug in PrePayV2/Proof Plan Price list that could allow the studio to save empty package items
  • Fixed bug in PrePayV2/Proof Plan Price list that saved empty package attribute options
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from adding html in confirmation page message in an event preset
  • Fixed bug in Proof Plan/Prepay consumer text fields that caused error messages to pop up separately if there are several fields with incorrect data
  • Fixed bug in PrePayV2/Proof Plan Price list that opened two forms when double-click on the "Add option" button opens two forms
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July 22, 2021

New Features

  • Added ability to send a test marketing email or text message
  • Updated the requirements for the PrepayV2 prospect CSV uploader to allow for files with additional unneeded columns
  • Added new studio report 'HHschools Project Setup Data' to use subject data from prepay orders to build hhschools project when organization does not provide data before picture day
  • Updated PrepayV2 order confirmation message to allow html tags to render on page/in emails
  • Added event name to order notification email subject line

Fixed Issues

  • Changed prompt and event type-participant text mappings on PrePayV2 participant page
  • Fixed bug in Prepay/Proof plan that causes cart icon to incorrectly display value of selected item before "Add to cart" button pressed
  • Fixed bug on 2nd sale consumer page that causes 4th or greater category to not be visible/selected on mobile devices
  • Fixed bug that cause saving marketing broadcast with time < 9:00 am to lead to an error without notification
  • Fixed bug that causes an error when uploading a prospect csv file with empty rows
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July 8, 2021

New Features

  • Added ability to place one order for multiple participants in prepayV2
  • Improved error messages in the consumer application when there are certain error exceptions
  • Added ability to search on orders tab for order by participant name
  • Added the “Duplicate order for next subject” page to copy an order from one partipant to the next
  • Updated all Prepay V2 Order Data Reports to accommodate more than one participant in a single order
  • Minor user interface changes to better accommodate experience when placing one order for multiple participants in prepayV2

Catalog Updates

  • Removed pewter money clip from product offering and all existing 2nd sale price lists

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed bug on consumer order confirmation page that resulted in an error exception when clicking on the new order button
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June 7, 2021

New Features

  • Updated the layout of the order confirmation page and email confirmation.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the organization page welcome text from being left justified when selected.
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May 12, 2021

New Features

  • Improved marketing metrics accuracy when the someone accesses the event by following the link from a send event link email or sms.

Fixed Issues

  • Removed the duplicated background column in the proofV2 csv report with a minor use case.
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April 26, 2021

New Features

  • This update includes several updates to improve system security and email deliverability.
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April 13, 2021

New Features

  • Added marketing image uploader to message composer.

Fixed Issues

  • Added a check to make sure the event exists before trying to send a broadcast.
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March 25, 2021

New Features

  • Added option to upload Prospects File for ProofPlanV2 event
  • Added a check loading prospects into a ProofPlanV2 event to verify that contact hasn’t already been added
  • Added a subscription option to unpublished ProofV2 events for the parent to be notified when the event has been published
  • Moved the import prospects button on the PrePayV2 edit event page to clean up table layout

Fixed Issues

  • Changed an error message to better communicate the issue when logging into an event when no passcode is needed and there is a space in the email
  • Modified logic for how to count someone who opens a broadcast, clicks the link, unchecks the follow up checkbox and logs in to make a purchase
  • Fixed bug that allowed a studio to change the prospect campaign for an event and add duplicate prospects by uploading them again after changing campaigns
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some marketing tasks to fail when updating a marketing campaign but not changing anything
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March 11, 2021

New Features

  • Added ‘Date Person Added’ to the broadcast date trigger options for prospect campaigns. This trigger refers to the date the prospect email/phone is added to the campaign for that event.
  • Added missing contact info if additional import has additional information.

Fixed Issues

  • After a customer logs out, hhih will now redirect to the event landing page the customer was logged into. Previously the customer was redirected to the studio landing web page.
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February 25, 2021

New Features

  • Added an option to create a shipping charge exception. This feature allows studios to make certain packages and add-ons not charge the mandatory shipping charge. If these exceptions are the only items in the shopping cart, then the shipping mandatory charge will not be charged.
  • Added [:EventMessage:] keyword. This keyword will insert contents from the 'Event Message' for that event. If 'Event Message' is blank, nothing will show.
  • Added "EventMessage" field to the event. One to use in the marketing emails and another to use in the marketing text messages. The character limit for emails is 500 characters. The character limit for the the sms is 50 characters.
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January 8, 2021

Catalog Updates

We removed several jewelry products from 2nd sale catalog and from all 2nd sale price lists. The products removed were:

  • Camryn necklace
  • Grace necklace
  • Irene necklace
  • Phone charm
  • Heart key ring
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December 10, 2020

New Features

  • Added ability to copy a campaign
  • Added ability to delete a campaign
  • Added ability to delete a broadcast from a campaign
  • Added ability to copy a broadcast in a campaign
  • Added ability to change campaigns assigned to an event
  • Updated logic for event metrics grid if a broadcast is deleted
  • Misc UI improvements

Fixed Issues

  • Improved loading speed of the event marketing metrics table
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November 19, 2020

New Features

  • Created ‘Marketing Metric’ grid on dashboard
  • Created new studio report ‘Campaign Metrics’
  • Added new background options to proof plan v2 and 2nd sale events
  • Campaign Metrics Report: added hyperlink to page with report explanation doc
  • Added logic on marketing campaign schedule based on time zone and daylight savings time period
  • Changed link for to top events and expiring soon events to go to Preview Event Page instead of Edit Event Page
  • Updated SMS Auto Respond to reply with a standard message to give option to unsubscribe
  • Added logic to not add [:GalleryPreview:] if the person receiving the email has no associated passcode
  • Updated marketing SMS to be sent from a unique phone number per studio

Catalog Updates

Added new 2nd sale products:

  • Phone Grip
  • Picture with Santa (vertical)
  • Picture with Santa (horizontal)

Fixed Issues

  • Temporarily hid ‘campaign journey details’ on EventPreview Page
  • Sped up how Marketing Metrics report is created
  • Fixed exception when download image with checked ‘Email me copyright release for this image’
  • Fixed issue with creating the marketing statistics on the Event page
  • Updated logic for using captcha on contact us page to reduce spam
  • Updated logic for scenario where if that same customer makes a 2nd purchase from a link in the buyer campaign, then that person should be counted as converted for the buyer campaign (but NOT stop Buyer Campaign)
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September 23, 2020

New Features

  • Make eventUrl link shorter in SMS. This task will help prevent cases where the sms is split up into multiple segments.
  • Added a limitation on when broadcast time can be scheduled to avoid scheduling a broadcast during twilight hours.

Fixed Issues

  • Resolved a <1% scenario where if the last package in Cart had more than 2 additional text fields for that package resulted in the incorrect value was saved in the 2nd package text field.
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September 14, 2020

New Features

  • Integrate Prospect, Lead and Buyer Campaigns for ProofV2 Events.
  • Integrate Prospect, Lead and Buyer Campaigns for 2nd Salee Events.
  • Add [:GalleryPreview:] keyword to display first proof image for that contact to 2ndSale and ProofV2 prospect email broadcasts
  • Allow photographer to edit campaigns for 2ndSale and ProofPlanV2 events
  • Allow update of already created tasks to sending and Create new task for already send broadcast and
  • Create new keyword [:EventLink:]. This keyword will show the EventName as an active link to the event.
  • Add a grid in ProofV2 and 2ndSale event details pages to show the result of Marketing-Funnel
  • Create 'Enable Marketing' checkbox to enable or turn off marketing for ProofV2 and 2nd Sale events.
  • Modify DirectPost and autopost endpoints to uplaod and save and . Even if a download is not purchased.
  • Added ability to overwrite email and cell number when using DirectPost and choose to overwrite existing images.
  • Added check so if event is expired and URL forwarding is blank, then do NOT send that broadcast
  • Create new keyword [:ExpirationDate:] to display the expiration date for the event.
  • Modified the keyword [:Passcode:] to send all passcodes associated to a customer in a single email. (Note: In sms, only one passcode will be sent for text length limitations.)
  • Re-order the list of reports to faster locate the report needed
  • Add link for DD to Order Confirmation Email when consumer bought a package that included a Download.

Fixed Issues

  • Remove extra line break or tag
    in default email body
  • Added email validation for Notify me signup when event has not been published
  • Add “Studio Remit Sales Tax Report” to follow the Accounting Reports security settings (passphrase)
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August 5, 2020

New Features

  • Added email and sms marketing funnel for PrepayV2 events
  • Preloaded prospect, lead and buyer campaigns for PrepayV2 events
  • Added new keyword [:MasterPasscode:]. When used the broadcast will display the master passcode for the event.
  • Added 'Event Marketing Details' table to show result of marketing campaign
  • Added the ability to upload csv with emails and phone numbers for marketing to prospects
  • Create 'Message Composer' to customize campaign broadcasts
  • Create 'Campaign Details Manager' to organize campaigns
  • Modify logic for UnSubscription link from email to allow customer to choose from unsubscribe for just that event or unsubscribe for the season.
  • Added logic to update status of campaign contacts as they interact with the event
  • Added new keyword [EventDate]. When used this will render the event date for that event.
  • Added logic to prevent studio from accidentally restarting a campaign.
  • Added option to disable marketing by unchecking 'Enable marketing' checkbox in event.

Catalog Updates

  • Discontinued the am/pm follow up emails for all existing and future events
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July 5, 2020

  • Added studio logo to AM & PM marketing emails.
  • Added gallery preview thumbnail to AM & PM marketing emails for proof v2 and 2nd sale events.
  • Updated logic so package description is always visible in prepay v2 and proof v2 events, even if marketing image is used.
  • Added the ability to add the access code messaging to the event presets.
  • Updated Event setup so that event date is a required field
  • And various UX and messaging improvements…
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April 22, 2020

  • Extended the duration that the digital file is available from the order confirmation email link to 120 days
  • Updated some of the names of the reports to remove some confusion on what report is needed for #hhschools order imports.
  • The Proof plan V2 - Package Letter Export Report now includes the event name in the filename.
  • Added logic to reduce some instances of unnecessary duplicated images when the Proof plan V2 - Package Letter Export was imported into #hhschools.
  • Fixed bug that was sometimes causing the order minimum set in Photographer -> Settings -> Business information to be ignored.
  • Various small bug fixes.
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February 6, 2020

Bug fixes

  • 2nd sale price lists – fixed a bug where you could not edit the first background in the list
  • 2nd sale price lists – fixed a bug where the profit on retouching was not being calculated on the fly
  • 2nd sale gallery – fixed a bug where we were unnecessarily shortening long image filenames in the full scree preview
  • Contact us page – fixed a submit bug
  • Create event – date picker was not working in some cases – fixed
  • Event and group passwords – we are now trimming any spaces before or after passwords to prevent typos and miscommunication
  • Event “manage images” – search for password did not work – fixed
  • Other small bug fixes
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February 3, 2020

  • Password / Access Code – should be fully in place on all references on hhimagehost and 4x10 and 8x10 inserts
  • Reports – fixed an issue where refreshing the page caused a report to submit again
  • Prepay v2 & proof plan v2 Sales tax – changed to allow 3 digits and defaults to 1.000% now to mistake proof how to enter the sales tax number
  • Subject data – to help keep data clean and import to hhschools matching to subject data simple, we are trimming spaces before and after the subject data fields
  • US Mail – All 2nd sale US Mail will not be packaged in clear bags then inside of rigid mailers
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January 27, 2020

Digital download improvements

  • 2nd sale digital download sales – once a digital file with an individual password is purchased, the flag is set for free digital download so that a person with that password can come back any time as long as the gallery is live and click the image download link and get the image again. This is disabled for group photos (where there is no password for that photo) to prevent one person from buying a group photo and everyone getting that image for free
  • When the hhschools hhimagehost 2nd sale digital download is delivered, the image is rendered to 2400 pixels on the short side at 300 dpi with no compression so that the consumer will always receive a product that is in the MB so they are getting a large file they expect
  • Fixed a few issues with file encoding for certain png images when applied to a background for digital download
  • Added animation to consumer interface to indicate that that files were being prepared
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January 8, 2019

  • Prepay v2 and proof plan v2 sales tax - new “Studio remit Sales tax report” added.
  • Proof plan v2 – Redesigned how "Allow packages & add-ons to include instant digital downloads" works.
  • Studio can now edit their Studio Name in the back office tools.
  • Event forwarding – fixes and improvements

    Event Forwarding
  • 2nd sale digital download – show “refunds not available after download” message
  • Prepay v2 and proof plan v2 sales tax – updated sales tax validation
  • Create event – added validation for special characters
  • Event duration – Changed from including 3 months for free to 4 months free
  • Event creation from preset – pricing decreased as follows:
    • 1-119 days - Free
    • 120-210 days - $5
    • 210-300 days - $9
    • 301-365 days - $12
  • Remove product – Beth Necklace
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December 2, 2019

Added ability for studio to be paid via ACH transfer to their bank account rather than by check.

ACH payment setup

Added a new accounting passphrase security level for accounting settings.

Accounting passphrase
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November 13, 2019

Sales Tax Prepay v2 and Proof plan v2 Events – added ability to add sales tax to purchase price on a per event basis. P&L report updated to include sales tax breakout.

Charge sales tax

Event forwarding – fixed a bug where when you edited a prepay v2 event, it would change the event forwarding back to the first event in the list without the user having to change it.

Change “Password” to “Password / Access code” to help consumers know what code to enter to access a gallery of images.

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September 25, 2019

  • Updated accessmyevent to https
  • Will redirect any http://accessmyevent to https://accessmyevent
  • Proof plan v2 and Prepay v2 – in subject data, we added the ability to select what type of field it was so that we could add phone number and email address validation for the consumer to help keep the data clean
  • hhih 2nd sale digital downloads – if an email has multiple images that has the same password, then we are sending just one text and email to notify them rather than one for each image
  • If a consumer enters their phone number when making an order, hhimagehost displays text “data and text rates may apply” to cover us and the studio from complaint of sending a notification that costs someone money
  • A couple of grammar clean ups (like adding an apostrophe s “Your child’s password…”)
  • Prepay v2 & Proof plan v2 – fixed an issue where the marketing image was getting cut off when the description text was too long which was compressing the space for the marketing image. Now the description text will scale and can wrap on top of the marketing image if needed for space
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This video will show you how to offer instant digital download on hhimagehost proof sales.

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July 1, 2019

Event forwarding – Added mistake proofing When you try to delete an event that is forwarded to from another event, hhimagehost will warn you and give you the option to cancel, or continue. If you continue then it will remove the event forwarding from the other event.

Add new Studio Setting – Business Information “Watermark product merchandising view”. When this is selected, the 2nd sale product preview will also have a studio watermark over top of the image.

Watermark off
Watermark on

Organizations page – when the studio uses the Organizations page to display many events for a school or sports organization:

  • the list of events now has a date next to the event when the studio fills this in the events
  • the list of events now shows a thumbnail of the event image when the studio uses and event image
  • the studio can use html to customize the Organization greeting

Consumer Credit card screen – Changed “Street” to “Street address” to help people understand what information we needed.

When Manually posting images and csv data to hhimagehost proof plan v2 or 2nd sale – we added a automatic “trim” to passwords to prevent the inadvertent space in an excel file from keeping the password from working

Removed discontinued Products:

  • Ferggi Necklace
  • Emily Necklace
  • Pewter keychain
  • Pewter ornament

Bug fixes

  • 2nd Sale product sales report – we found and fixed an issue with Chrome that prevented the report from running when pop-ups are blocked
  • Fixed an issue with URL forwarding
  • 2nd sale cropping – when you change from vertical to horizontal crop, we made this transition more elegant
  • 2nd sale Price list – we added mistake proofing to prevent the user from creating two free products with the same name
  • Report – 2nd sale product sales report – fixed 2 bugs
    • that caused an error if you chose to run the report on all events
    • that showed incorrect data for free products
  • Improved the consumer event list for when the event has a very long name
  • Improved the 2nd sale cropping view when the screen size changed during a session
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June 3, 2019

hhimagehost mobile – Consumer address – fixed an issue on mobile devices when typing in the address caused the keyboard to switch back to alpha automatically after typing each number of the Street Address.

Studio reports – Added a feature where if there are two events with the same name and one is deleted, then mark the status as “deleted” to make it easier on the report to know which event is which

Studio Event Manage Images – Add a “return to event details” button to top of page to eliminate having to scroll to the bottom of the page to go back to the Event Details page.



2nd sale product - Remove Ashlynn Necklace which has been discontinued

Consumer Image gallery album list – Add “All” and “Favorites” to the top of the album list to simplify consumer navigation



Prepay v2 and Proof plan v2 – When using “Build your own package”, we updated so now there are three ways the system reminds the consumer to use their points:

  1. “Select your items” screen – shows “points used” and “points remining”
    Choose items
  2. NEW - When consumer tries to proceed to next screen, if they have used less than 50% of their points, then a message appears “you must select more items before proceeding”. If they have used at least 50% the interface allows the consumer to proceed. Before now the interface would only ensure the consumer chose one item. We chose 50% to ensure the customer feels like they have received value for their purchase without enforcing requirements that could be interpreted as being difficult to do business with.
    Package warning
  3. Cart Screen – If not all points are used, there is a link “Use remaining points” to give the consumer a simple way to select more items if they wish.
    Package points

Create / modify price list – added mistake proofing that prevents proceeding without saving changes

Event Greeting and Organization welcome message screens – added tools for studio to easier customize the welcome message

If a 2nd sale purchase is only for an image download, then hhimagehost doesn’t require a “ship to” address in the order data to create a better experience

Studio Event Images – Fixed an issue when studio was searching for an image and clicked on a next page, caused the search filter to be reset.

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