September 25, 2019

  • Updated accessmyevent to https
  • Will redirect any http://accessmyevent to https://accessmyevent
  • Proof plan v2 and Prepay v2 – in subject data, we added the ability to select what type of field it was so that we could add phone number and email address validation for the consumer to help keep the data clean
  • hhih 2nd sale digital downloads – if an email has multiple images that has the same password, then we are sending just one text and email to notify them rather than one for each image
  • If a consumer enters their phone number when making an order, hhimagehost displays text “data and text rates may apply” to cover us and the studio from complaint of sending a notification that costs someone money
  • A couple of grammar clean ups (like adding an apostrophe s “Your child’s password…”)
  • Prepay v2 & Proof plan v2 – fixed an issue where the marketing image was getting cut off when the description text was too long which was compressing the space for the marketing image. Now the description text will scale and can wrap on top of the marketing image if needed for space
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This video will show you how to offer instant digital download on hhimagehost proof sales.

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July 1, 2019

Event forwarding – Added mistake proofing When you try to delete an event that is forwarded to from another event, hhimagehost will warn you and give you the option to cancel, or continue. If you continue then it will remove the event forwarding from the other event.

Add new Studio Setting – Business Information “Watermark product merchandising view”. When this is selected, the 2nd sale product preview will also have a studio watermark over top of the image.

Watermark off
Watermark on


Organizations page – when the studio uses the Organizations page to display many events for a school or sports organization:

  • the list of events now has a date next to the event when the studio fills this in the events
  • the list of events now shows a thumbnail of the event image when the studio uses and event image
  • the studio can use html to customize the Organization greeting

Consumer Credit card screen – Changed “Street” to “Street address” to help people understand what information we needed.

When Manually posting images and csv data to hhimagehost proof plan v2 or 2nd sale – we added a automatic “trim” to passwords to prevent the inadvertent space in an excel file from keeping the password from working

Removed discontinued Products:

  • Ferggi Necklace
  • Emily Necklace
  • Pewter keychain
  • Pewter ornament

Bug fixes

  • 2nd Sale product sales report – we found and fixed an issue with Chrome that prevented the report from running when pop-ups are blocked
  • Fixed an issue with URL forwarding
  • 2nd sale cropping – when you change from vertical to horizontal crop, we made this transition more elegant
  • 2nd sale Price list – we added mistake proofing to prevent the user from creating two free products with the same name
  • Report – 2nd sale product sales report – fixed 2 bugs
    • that caused an error if you chose to run the report on all events
    • that showed incorrect data for free products
  • Improved the consumer event list for when the event has a very long name
  • Improved the 2nd sale cropping view when the screen size changed during a session
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June 3, 2019

hhimagehost mobile – Consumer address – fixed an issue on mobile devices when typing in the address caused the keyboard to switch back to alpha automatically after typing each number of the Street Address.

Studio reports – Added a feature where if there are two events with the same name and one is deleted, then mark the status as “deleted” to make it easier on the report to know which event is which

Studio Event Manage Images – Add a “return to event details” button to top of page to eliminate having to scroll to the bottom of the page to go back to the Event Details page.



2nd sale product - Remove Ashlynn Necklace which has been discontinued

Consumer Image gallery album list – Add “All” and “Favorites” to the top of the album list to simplify consumer navigation



Prepay v2 and Proof plan v2 – When using “Build your own package”, we updated so now there are three ways the system reminds the consumer to use their points:

  1. “Select your items” screen – shows “points used” and “points remining”
  2. NEW - When consumer tries to proceed to next screen, if they have used less than 50% of their points, then a message appears “you must select more items before proceeding”. If they have used at least 50% the interface allows the consumer to proceed. Before now the interface would only ensure the consumer chose one item. We chose 50% to ensure the customer feels like they have received value for their purchase without enforcing requirements that could be interpreted as being difficult to do business with.
  3. Cart Screen – If not all points are used, there is a link “Use remaining points” to give the consumer a simple way to select more items if they wish.

Create / modify price list – added mistake proofing that prevents proceeding without saving changes

Event Greeting and Organization welcome message screens – added tools for studio to easier customize the welcome message

If a 2nd sale purchase is only for an image download, then hhimagehost doesn’t require a “ship to” address in the order data to create a better experience

Studio Event Images – Fixed an issue when studio was searching for an image and clicked on a next page, caused the search filter to be reset.

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April 5, 2019

Add ability to set a proof plan v2 price list to “Always require a background selection”

Select this option when you are proofing images that has not been extracted yet, but you want to offer background options to your clients. Examples of when you’d want to do this are:

  • H&H Masters KO program – be sure the first background you add is your captured background file.
  • Green screen or blue screen – Some studios choose to proof on blue or green, but they want to offer different backgrounds. Images have not been knocked out at the time of the proofing sale, but will be after purchase.
  • Other images you have not extracted the background yet, but you will after purchase”

When “Require Selection of Background (?)” is selected, then, regardless of image filetype (jpg or png), in consumer interface, always required consumer to select the background they wish to have, and add this background data to the order data for the Order detail screen and the order report exports.

Gallery image Copyright protection – updated code to prevent consumer from being able to drag and drop images from galleries to their desktop. We expect to continue to have to make adjustments for this since browsers keep making it easier to allow consumers to do this.

Coupons – Proof V2 coupons – add a column for “Package items” so it displays on the “View coupons” page

Coupons-Package Items

Organizations page

  • If no events are public for an organization, then when a consumer goes to this page the message "There are no active events for [organization name] at this time. Please check back later!"
  • Show studio contact information on the organizations page

2nd sale croppingfix bug where rotated image causes issue with crop window

Back office organization search fixed bug where the search reset button didn’t work when searching for organizations.

2nd sale digital download only orderIf a consumer orders only a digital download, then don’t show “shipping info” on the studio back office order detail

2nd sale gallery long image namesif an image filename is very long, show first and last part of filename to make it more usable in communication between client and studio

And various other spelling, grammar and interface cleanup & corrections.

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March 13, 2019

  • Proofplan v2 – Add ability to charge for backgrounds

    Charge for Background
  • 2nd sale – improved cropping on mobile device – pinch to zoom crop on mobile devices

    2nd Sale Pinch to Zoom
  • Green screen price lists – change text on price list setup from “Is Green Screen price list” to “Make background selection available for my price list”
  • Bug fix for digital download page
  • Event forwarding - The period between the expiration of an initial sale and the publishing of the 2nd sale is commonly known by studios as “the Online sale blackout period”. We’ve made two changes that will improve this client experience
    • Event forwarding – you can set a prepay v2 and proof plan v2 event to, when it expires and a client goes to this url, forward them to another event. Open an event and click on “Edit event” to choose the event you wish clients to be forwarded to when the first event expires.

      Forward an Event to an Event
    • 2nd sale “event is not published yet, but give us your email address and we’ll let you know when the gallery is ready”

      Gallery Live Email Reminder


  1. Spring school that you are selling on proof plan v2.
  2. You also setup a 2nd sale event for this school
  3. After the proof plan sale deadline, mom goes to the proof plan url. If you have it set up, hhimagehost will forward your client to the 2nd sale event.
    1. If the 2nd sale event is live, they can login to that event.
    2. If 2nd sale is not published yet, your client has the option of entering their email address so that hhimagehost will remind them via when the 2nd sale gallery is live and ready for ordering
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February 14, 2019

Consumer Interface

  • 2nd sale – added another speed up to loading huge (more than 10,000 image) galleries. Should load even faster now.
  • A few verbiage improvements
  • Prepay v2 – Added “Kiosk mode” for using hhimagehost prepay v2 in an on-site sales situation which clears out previous consumer’s information when an order is complete.
  • Proof v2 and 2nd sale - Added more image copyright protection to galleries
  • 2nd sale – Masters Background program change - changed gallery so background selector shows if there is any transparency in an image.
  • Image filename – in the case of image filenames that are too long to show in the thumbnail view, the consumer interface will show both the beginning and end of the filename with “…” in the middle.
  • Fixed an issue on Safari mobile where page was zooming when selecting color tone on the crop screen.

Studio Back Office

  • Proof plan v2 – add ability to cancel and refund orders
  • Order detail – if billing and shipping info is different, then show both in the order detail
  • Prepay v2 & Proof v2 – fixed an issue with certain html tags
  • Fixed an issue with restoring an hhimagehost account
  • 2nd sale - Added consumer phone number to H&H order data to assist with delivery of packages
  • Event search – fixed search event name issue
  • Event details – you can now click on the price list in the event details to go directly to the price list for that event.

Back-End System

  • System scaling improvements
  • Fixed a rare “resubmit order” issue
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October 25, 2018

  • Removed 2nd sale product – photo pen
  • Optimized Gallery thumbnail generation
  • Studio back office Events page – now loads much faster
  • Consumer “View Organizations and events” page. We optimized this and it loads instantly now.
  • Consumer credit card Address autocomplete – we optimized this so it waits for a few more address characters to be entered before it suggests an address. Makes it cleaner.
  • Prepay v2 order report – fixed a scenario where it would not update order status
  • Prepay v2 picture day order report – fixed an scenario where under certain conditions an order would show twice
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August 24, 2017

Email Marketing

hhimagehost sends reminder emails to studio clients who log into an event but don’t make a purchase. This feature is free for this fall.

  • At consumer login, the consumer can uncheck the “send me reminder emails” box if they wish to not get reminder emails
  • If the consumer does not uncheck the “send me reminder emails”
  • If they make a purchase they will not receive a reminder email
  • If they don’t make a purchase, the next morning after they login, they will receive an email saying “you logged in but didn’t complete your order. Click here to go return to this event…”
  • If they still don’t make a purchase they will receive another reminder email 24 hours before the event expires.
  • Consumer may unsubscribe from reminder emails for that event, or for all events from that photographer until they opt in again at login.
  • Studios may turn off email reminders in their event details by unchecking “enable email follow up”
  • Studios may also edit the reminder email text under the “Marketing” tab

Digital download product in hhschools

hhschools now has a new product; “hhih digital download w insert”. When this digital download is ordered in hhschools:

  1. hhschools Package order comes to H&H
  2. 4x10 insert is printed for the purchased digital download with hhimagehost 2nd sale url and password
  3. Consumer receives their package and goes to hhimagehost 2nd sale and logs in
  4. Images marked for digital download have an icon that allows the studio client to download that image in their browserDigital download product in hhschools
  5. If it is green screen, the studio client can choose which background they wish to have rendered to the image
  6. In the “manage images” section of the event, hhimagehost will keep track of how many downloads that image has had.

Back office tools

Header icons updated and Marketing added:
Back office tools

Order confirmation emails

  • Studio contact information added to the top of the email to improve clarity
  • Studio name added to subject line to improve studio client understanding of what the email is

Prepay V2 and Proof plan V2 price list Package text descriptions

You can now use tags for Bold, underline, bullets, and line breaks in your package text descriptions so you have more control on the text formatting and make it more readable.

Prepay V2 and Proof plan V2 price list Package text descriptions

Shopping cart

Changed shopping cart button to help it stand out more and, therefore simplifying the interface
Shopping cart


  • 2nd sale product sales report – we added a date range to this report. It’s a very detailed sales analysis tool to see what 2nd sale products are selling.
  • New email marketing report – shows the status of logins, opt ins, opt outs and emails to send

Studio settings

Added the ability to hide studio physical address from the consumer landing pages on Settings, Site Branding

Studio settings

June 16, 2017

  • Studio settings – add ability to “Hide ‘view all events and organizations’ link” – this is in case a studio wishes to keep the full list of their events private and they feel strongly they have handled the ability for the consumer to know the event name and can use the event search feature (which requires at least 3 characters) to find their event
  • Group passwords – fixed a bug with group passwords that came from manual creation of groups and manual upload
  • Consumer “contact us” page – Added hyperlink to studio contact email
  • Prepay V2 passwords – If a studio is using a password for prepay v2, we changed text on consumer side from “individual or group password” to “passcode”
  • Removed matte coating – as an option in 2nd sale
  • Proof plan v2 report – add ability to run report on “received” status
  • Fixed an issue where an event could be falsely set to “sales not available”
  • Accounting statement – removed a scenario that caused duplicate rows in report
  • Optimized database for faster speed
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May 5, 2017

  • Studio home page event search – now requires 3 characters to search for an event. This is to prepare for the coming feature of allowing the studio to turn off the “View all events” link on the home page for those studios who wish to forego the ability to view all events and wish to prioritize studio privacy.
  • Reports – Accounting report – List of events is now alphabetical to help find events more easily
  • Proof plan V2 – Consumer can now enter multiple passwords up front. Enter a password, click “add a password” – so that family with multiple children can have a simpler way of viewing all of their childrens’ images at once.
  • Proof plan v2 Confirmation email – fixed a bug where the confirmation email said “Prepay”. Should have, and now says “Proof plan” in email.
  • Proof plan V2 and Prepay V2 – fixed an issue when you tabbed from one field to another that interface would show “field is required” immediately. Now interface stays clean and error free until consumer clicks the “next” button, then required fields are validated.
  • 2nd Sale price list – Now shows the product marketing image in the price list if there is one. This should make it easier to identify which 2nd sale products don’t have a marketing image
  • Contact Us – changed to show the Studio settings contact information rather than the W9 address
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March 8, 2017

  • Contact us page optimized better for mobile and captcha added to reduce studio spam
    Also remember that you can add your own "Contact us" messaging or FAQ in plain text or html on this page under "Settings" "Email forms" "Client Contact Us Message"
  • Cancel and refund Prepay order - Changed accounting report so it shows the refund on the day it was refunded rather than on the original order date.
  • Cancel and refund Prepay order - Fixed a bug, where if an order was refunded in a payout period different than the original order, hhimagehost was eating the refunded amount.
  • Privacy Policy page optimized better for mobile and message adjusted slightly.
  • Prepay and Proof Plan "Build your own package" - added link to consumer shopping cart page add more items if not all points used.
    Build Your Own Package
  • Web page security - all consumer pages now secure pages.
  • Prepay V2 and Proof plan v2 - Expanded the number of green screen backgrounds to max 25.
  • Organizations page - fixed a bug where under some conditions clicking the organization link went to studio landing page instead of that organization page.
  • Consumer Event list - removed "event date" from grid per studio requests.
  • Proof plan v2 - added "full screen image preview" option.
  • Prepay V2 and Proof plan v2 price lists - added ability to overlay the entered price on a marketing image. This will simplify price list creation for people who are adding add-ons to the package screen. You no longer have to add the price to the marketing graphic. Just check the box and your price will be overlaid on the marketing graphic.
    Add Price to Product

We hope you like these changes and we continue work on future capabilities we think you will really like!

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October 16, 2016

hhimagehost customers! While you’ve been hard at work this fall, so have we! We just released an update that is based upon best practices and much of the feedback you’ve provided for improved functionality and usability.

The Prepay V2 (optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop) that we released in July has been getting very nice traffic this fall and we continue to see mobile usage of hhimagehost climbing. Now with the advent of “build your own package” in Prepay V2, there should be no reason to create any new price lists or events on the old prepay system. We don’t plan on discontinuing it right now, but at some point we will retire the original prepay system. We highly recommend that any new price lists and events you create you use Prepay V2.

Prepay V2 – NEW Build your Own Package capability

  • Build Your Own Package
    Build Your Own Package
  • Select Item
    Select Item
  • Select Add-ons
    Select Add-ons
  • Shopping Cart
    Shopping Cart
  • Enter Subject Info
    Enter Subject Info
  • “Build your own package” added to Prepay V2 (mobile, tablet & desktop responsive design)
  • Coupons for Prepay V2 expanded capability
  • Prepay V2 student data increased privacy
  • Consumer landing page adjustments and cleanup
  • New ability to customize the “Contact Us” page for your clients on hhimagehost
Prepay V2 (w/ mobile, tablet, desktop responsive design)
  • Preset – Added a event presets to Prepay V2
  • Create Price list
    • Build your own package – added ability to define a package as “Build your own” (BYO), assign point value, and define the items that you wish to make available from all build your own packages.
    • Subject data – expanded # of available subject data fields to 9
    • hhschools package letter – made this field a required field for all packages, items, and add-ons.
    • Package Attribute screen – added hyperlink to H&H Green screen backgrounds to simplify accessing H&H’s standard backgrounds
    • Add-ons – you can now setup a package for “More Products” without attributes that allows the consumer to order only addon products
  • Consumer Interface
    • Build your own package – Added ability for consumer to choose what items they wish to go into a package that the photographer has defined as “Build your own”
    • Shopping cart top bar now “sticks” to the top of the screen and is always visible as consumers scroll down the different web pages so they can always see their cart total.
    • Changed student data screen to https secure data protocol to protect data in case studio requests private information on this page
    • If setup in price list, consumers can now order an addon without a package
    • Consumer can order the same package twice with different attributes

Studio Back office tools

  • Studio Dashboard
    • Eliminated “Total sales from” data from home page and replaced this with “Yesterday sales”
  • Price list grid
    • “Active event” column added to Price list to allow simple link to view which live events use a particular price list
  • Coupons
    • Prepay V2 order coupons can now be created that apply to any one, or any combination of
    • Packages
    • Package items (for build your own package)
    • Package attributes (like pose, green screen background, etc)
    • Add-ons
    • Additional charges
  • Reports
    • Accounting report now shows prepay canceled orders as a debit instead of omitting these orders from view
  • Proof plan
    • hhschools package letter – now allows up to 5 characters per package
  • 2nd Sale price list
    • Removed custom yearbook product
    • Removed Digital passport photo product
  • Create Event
    • Changed sort of “Event type” to alphabetic sort
    • Added “School” as an Event type
  • Contact Us
    • You may now add a custom message to your “Contact Us” page under Settings, Email Forms. We default-filled this with “Please include your name and the organization or event you are inquiring about” but you can change it and even us HTML to format this text to include some Q&A to answer commonly asked questions and hyperlinks

Consumer interface

  • Order confirmation emails
    • Address 2 – there was a bug that was omitting Address 2 from the order confirmation emails - fixed
  • Studio Landing pages
    • Organizations only show in list when they have at least one live event
    • If there are no organizations with live events, then we are now hiding the Organizations section
    • Expired events now only show for 24 hours after expiration
    • Event search “date” field removed from consumer interface
    • “School” is added to the list of Event Types for a “filtered link” to the organizations & events landing page.
      (note: this little-known feature is a great way to provide different links on your web site for sports, school, portraits,… to hhimagehost)
  • Miscellaneous UI tweaks to clarify communication
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July 15, 2016

New version of prepay sales on hhimagehost - called Prepay V2 - modernized prepay responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop!

The old Prepay is still available to you - we did not remove it and it is still available for use.
Most studios will probably want to use the newer version of HHImageHost Prepay because it was designed from the ground up with a more modern interface that is optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

  • New sections for Prepay V2 under Price List, Coupons, Events, and Reports
  • While we maintained much of the structure, in order to modernize the back end and consumer interface, there are changes to price list setup sequence and marketing images
    • Marketing images for Prepay V2 are a slightly different size to accommodate mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Additional package attributes available
    • Background selection
    • Style selection
    • Pose selection
    • Color flavor selection
  • Added ability to use limited HTML on Event Greeting and Event Order Confirmation Page Message
  • The look and feel of "find an event" and studio landing page is updated to be responsive design for mobile and tablet devices
    • There is an additional background banner image available under "Settings"
  • Report Update
    • New reports for Prepay V2
    • Prepay Picture day report - used to answer questions on picture day on whether a student or athlete has made a purchase online
      • Updated Prepay picture day order report to show subject data on Prepay V2 orders
    • Event Login Email Address Report - To help studios with personalized email marketing, in addition to the guest book email address, the report for orders from July 1st forward now includes
      • event name
      • event url
      • password used (if applicable)
      • Order made?
      • Is event still live on hhimagehost?

Important note: HHImageHost Prepay V2 does NOT have the ability to define different addons for different packages. When you define a set of addons, that set of addons is available from every package. Customers who have used the old Prepay addons to define different addons for each package for "Build your own package" should not use Prepay V2 but should stay tuned for future releases of Prepay V2.

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October 5, 2015

New Features

Added search and filter bar to Price List page:
Show Price Lists:

  • Created in last 30 days
  • Created in last 60 days
  • Associated with live events
  • Not associated with any live events
  • Search for price list by part of name

Proof Plan – added simple way to make a proof plan price list enabled for “Ship to home”

  • When setup proof plan price list, check “Request mailing address for all orders…” box
  • Each Order will require the consumer to enter their US Mail ship to address. This address will be included in the csv data export that may be imported into hhschools for the H&H "ship to home" service. This will NOT work with hhschools mailing labels.
  • When consumer orders, hhimagehost will gather their shipping address, and this address will be included in all confirmation emails, order detail, and data export.
  • Proof plan Data export will import into hhschools and will be usable if studio checks “ship to home” option when they order.
  • Each Order will require the consumer to enter their US Mail ship to address. This address will be included in the csv data export that may be imported into hhschools for the H&H "ship to home" service. This will NOT work with hhschools mailing labels.
  • When consumer orders, hhimagehost will gather their shipping address, and this address will be included in all confirmation emails, order detail, and data export. Proof plan Data export will import into hhschools and will be usable if studio checks “ship to home” option when they order.

If studio tries to delete an event while a consumer has an active cart for that event, hhimagehost will prevent deleting the event and show a message to the studio.

Added ability to expire a Prepay Event at a certain time of day. Previously the studio could only expire an event at 11:59 pm of a day.

Account Statement has a new column for “Order #” to simplify correlation and reconciliation for the studio

Added to Studio order status (for prepay and proof plan) a display of the date/time the order status was changed. This should help studios by them knowing when a status was changed for an order and, therefore, where the order should be in their workflow.

Added new Prepay order data report that can be run for All Prepay events with a certain order status that includes all the data for the prepay order (not just the ones needed to enter an order into hhschools).

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December 8, 2014

New Features

  • Orders “export to csv” report – added two columns to report “Event publish date” and “Event expiration date” to allow studios to analyze when orders were coming in relative to the event publish and expiration
  • 2nd sale order detail now shows an image of how the consumer cropped their ordered product to aid in customer service questions
  • Note that these new products can be marketed using the new 8x10 insert in hhschools

Catalog Updates

  • 29 New Products added to HHImageHost 2nd sale!
  • Specialty products: Mother of Pearl Necklace, Deluxe Keychain, Acrylic Cutout Magnet, Luggage Tag – sage tweed, 4 Magnet wallets, 4x6 aluminum desk print
  • New Packages added: 2-4x5 prints, Pkg 6E: 2-8x10, 5-5x7, 16-Wal, Pkg 3F: 2-5x7, 4-3.5x5, 8-Wal, Pkg 2F – 2-8x10
  • “My Heart Belongs to” Graphic 8x10 designs added: My Heart Dad, My Heart Mom, My Heart Name Blue, My Heart Name Brown
  • Quotables design products added: Quotable Word cloud, Live, Laugh, Love 1, Live, Laugh, Love 2, Best Things in Life 1, Best Things in Life 2, Love Never Fails, I Made a Wish, PS I Love You, The Spice of Life, Joyful Always, Faith Hope Love, The Greatest of These, Lord Bless You, I'd Have you Sooner, I Love You Always

Fixed Issues

  • Remove “color flavor preview” under selected image on 2nd sale and proof plan galleries since this was only a preview and did not affect the order
  • 2nd sale price list setup – show the preview hover thumbnail image dimensions on price list builder
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October 29, 2014

New Features

  • 2nd sale Free products – new product category added to 2nd sale “Free Products”. Products can be added either for everyone, or only those images that have been purchased from on hhimagehost in the past. Two products available now:
    • Safety ID card
    • Print at home Thank you card
    • Consumer who selects these products can view them on screen, download, them and print them to their home printer.
  • Pre authorize credit card for new hhimagehost account and changing studio credit card to prevent getting to end of month and having credit card issues.
  • Added E-022 background to green screen library


  • When creating an hhimagehost account, credit card message was at top of screen and not in visual area of person filling out form. Move to bottom of screen
  • Show clearer error messages if there is a consumer or studio credit card issue
  • Green screen backgrounds – sequence by background name in list box
  • Custom green screen backgrounds – used to allow certain backgrounds that were not 300 dpi. Now it errors if image is not 300 dpi
  • Proof plan order report – Improved visual organization of report so not so confusing on what data goes with what image.
  • Shopping cart area – we found that a few consumers did not know what to click on to go to the shopping cart. We expanded the clickable area from the shopping cart icon to the entire shopping cart border area in an effort to improve usability
  • Organizations page – change sequence of events to show most recent events at top of list

Fixed Issues

  • 2nd sale – when on large preview, if click on heart, did not save as a favorite.
  • Create event from preset – if I changed event expiration from default, did not take date change.
  • 2nd sale and proof plan – if viewing on smaller screen, could not scroll up to get to “return to gallery” link
  • Pre-pay and proof plan – if click outside the package window, then cart does not update
  • Create prepay price list – title was wrong on additional charges page
  • Proof event – disabled [enter] key on Additional information page
  • If copy prepay price list with green screen, pose or color selection, then uncheck any of these options, automatically remove these options from package screen
  • Proof plan export report – there was a certain case where this report would not generate
  • Sometimes valid studio credit card would decline
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