Image Knockout

Our image extraction services give you the opportunity to provide a better background that what you are able to photograph them on. Individual and team knockout are both available. Follow our simple recommendations below for a hassle-free workflow!

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Service Time:

Image Knockout - 3 Days (no rush available)
Virtual Teams - 3 Days


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H&H’s knockout sports program will save hours by eliminating the need for time consuming Photoshop post-production. With this program there are a few recommendations for how best to utilize KO sports in your sports business.


  • Photograph in front of ANY background. Seriously.
  • Images should be photographed at 3/4 length or closer. Avoid full length images.
  • Images should be of a single posed individual or team. No game-action shots.
  • Test your lighting and posing techniques before photographing your first league/school. We don’t want you to have any surprises.
  • Plan for the final crop when posing your team and individual. Different designs and products require specific aspect ratios.
  • We recommend photographing F/8 and above to retain as much detail in the subject as possible.


  • Do not pose subjects behind complex props (like nets or chain-link fences).
  • Do not pose subjects behind props you don’t also want extracted along with the subject.
  • Do not partially crop out or cut off any sports balls, equipment or other props with which you pose the subject.
  • Do not pose people with complex tracing objects like soccer goals, volleyball nets, or chainlink fences, tennis rackets, etc.
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Premium Extraction

We recommend these services for prints 11"x14" or larger and banners. Premium Extractions can be performed from images of people against any solid or environmental background.

Standard Extraction

Extraction services for printing volume packages with prints 11"x14" and under. Standard Extractions can be performed from images of people against any solid or environmental background. The extraction is subject to less detail than our premium extractions but does not change the pixel dimensions or compression. Standard Extraction will result in the same high quality for prints 11"x14" and smaller.

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Whether it’s a stacked rows or creative pose, the team photo is one of the most important memories you can provide. Depending on the circumstances, it can also be the most complicated. That is why we offer three options for you to provide the perfect team photo for your clients.

  1. Traditional Teams: the team is photographed together and uses the background photographed on.
  2. Extracted Teams: the team is photographed together and is extracted to use a different background than what was photographed on.
  3. Virtual Teams: each player is photographed separately and extracted, then sent to Rebooku's team creator service to be composited together and placed on a background.
Traditional Team

Traditional Team

Extracted Team

Extracted Team

Virtual Team

Virtual Team

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how to order

Image Knockout

To order image knockout download our hhschools software.

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Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams can impress parents and keep picture day moving. But making parents wait while you extract and composite can cause some headaches for busy photographers. The last thing you want to do is rush through your workflow, only to risk making mistakes. Our partnership with Rebooku’s team creator services is a powerful and time-saving workflow for image extraction and team composites – so you can stay focused on the other parts of the order.


  1. Import your images into hhschools.
  2. Cull, then preload your high-res files to begin extraction.
  3. Complete your group association.
  4. Filter to the images you want to be used for team photos and place a service item order where you can select virtual teams from the list of composite options.
  5. Rebooku will begin working to composite your individuals into a team based on your instructions and selection while you go back to the project and finish your data matching and order entry.
  6. Rebooku will email you a link to proof of your new team images. You can make multiple revisions for up to 30 days. (Please note the image will be shown on a white in the proof).
  7. When your proof is approved you will receive layered PSD files of each team on the background you chose.
  8. From there, you can add any additional artwork you want. And when you are ready to order, import JPEGs of your new team images into the project to place your package order.
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H&H has a one-time charge for extraction plus a small fee for certain KO Sports Templates. Your png images are available to use for reorders, additional backgrounds, and multiple sale opportunities for 45 days. You may also download your extracted PNG images for other use.

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