RFID / Prox Cards

RFID card

RFID and Prox-type cards are growing in popularity. If you have a school that requires this type of card, H&H can help you with that by printing on the school-specific cards you provide.

Shipping: Ground FOB

Service Time

1 Day (1-24 Images)    ■    2 Days (25+ Images)    ■    Add 2 days for knockout

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design options

Stock Generic Designs

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Stock Liquid Designs

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Studio Background Designs

Our studio background ID card templates are a hybrid of the studio and H&H doing the design work together. We have several pre-made templates that take care of the image and text styling and placement. You can design your own backgrounds to compliment each template. This hybrid workflow is beneficial because it eliminates the setup time needed for custom ID cards but still allows you to personalize the style and color scheme of the cards and even add things like mascots or other graphics schools may request.

PVC design guides

Each card design features multiple lines of text which can be customized to display a variety of different dynamic text fields.

Dynamic Text Field Options
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acceptable cards


Stocks vary and you will need to use one of these options that work with our printers. You are responsible for getting the cards. We always do our very best to not waste anything but, because of vast variances in card stock, we see higher defects on these jobs than our normal PVC ID card stock. H&H does not incur the cost of wasted card stock. H&H does not program the cards. Below are the instructions you will need to follow:

  1. Call H&H to setup a RFID test.
    Testing ahead of the season is HIGHLY recommended.
  2. Review printing test with the school
    Verify the test cards can be scanned and is pulling up the correct information that matches the individual printed on the card.
  3. Send H&H the school-specific cards and have H&H print them.
    Please send the quantity of cards you need plus at least 10% more for misprints.
  4. Acceptable HID cards


As an alternative consider ordering our pvc id card with an adhesive back. We will print and ship these IDs to you or the school to adhere them to the RFID card the school is using. You do not need to provide the stock for the pvc id card w/ adhesive back.

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how to order

To order this product download our hhschools software.

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