gray screen

H&H’s gray screen program has revolutionized the process for independent, professional photographers to utilize innovative product designs, flexible sales flyers, and a powerful workflow while using our clean and quick in-house knockout services.

Gray screen is your best option when you can photograph indoors and need the most economical option because you plan to knockout all the images.

1-2 Day Service Time

Please note: file size and image quality can affect service time.

lighting & setup

Lighting Diagram

Following this diagram to the letter is necessary for clean gray screen shooting. This setup has been tested and used within our automated KO system and renders the best results with clean edges and reduced color fall off from the backdrop. Variances from this setup are not allowed when shooting on gray.

  • 3 to 1 lighting ratio
  • Measure Fill Light alone @ 4.5.
  • Measure Main Light & Fill Light together @ f8.
  • Edge Lights - 12×56 Soft box. Measure together at back of subject @ f5.6.5.
  • Hair light - 10x24 Strip soft box with grid. Measures @ f2.8.5 at the back of the subject.
Gray Screen Lighting Diagram

Hair Light Placement

For a more detailed description of hair light placement, please download this instructional PDF.

Download Hair Light Placement Instructions

Recommended Lighting Modifiers

We recommend the Photogenic 45” Eclipse Plus Umbrella with the white satin panel (ECP45) for the main and fill lights. For the hair light we recommend the 12x36 Interfit Strip Light (SLBR39). For the Edge lights we recommend the 12x56” soft box without a grid.

Camera Settings

Setting Recommendation
ISO Between 100 and 400, ideally at 100
Aperture Between f8 and f11, ideally at f8
Shutter Speed between 100 and 200, ideally at 125
Focal Length Between 45mm and 85mm
White Balance Custom
File Size 4-6 MB, ideally 8x12 at 300ppi
Color Space sRGB
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The value of the gray is important. This is the only option allowed for use on our gray screen KO system.

Savage (choose #09 "STONE GRAY")
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Whether it’s a stacked rows or creative pose, the team photo is one of the most important memories you can provide. Depending on the circumstances, it can also be the most complicated. That is why we offer two options for you to provide the perfect team photo for your clients.

  1. Traditional Teams: the team is photographed together and uses the background photographed on.
  2. Virtual Teams: each player is photographed separately and extracted, then sent to Rebooku's team creator service to be composited together and placed on a background.
Traditional Team

Traditional Team

Virtual Team

Virtual Team

Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams can impress parents and keep picture day moving. But making parents wait while you extract and composite can cause some headaches for busy photographers. The last thing you want to do is rush through your workflow, only to risk making mistakes. Our partnership with Rebooku’s team creator services is a powerful and time-saving workflow for image extraction and team composites – so you can stay focused on the other parts of the order.


  1. Import your images into hhschools.
  2. Cull, then preload your high-res files to begin extraction.
  3. Complete your group association.
  4. Filter to the images you want to be used for team photos and place a service item order where you can select virtual teams from the list of composite options.
  5. Rebooku will begin working to composite your individuals into a team based on your instructions and selection while you go back to the project and finish your data matching and order entry.
  6. Rebooku will email you a link to proof of your new team images. You can make multiple revisions for up to 30 days. (Please note the image will be shown on a white in the proof).
  7. When your proof is approved you will receive layered PSD files of each team on the background you chose.
  8. From there, you can add any additional artwork you want. And when you are ready to order, import JPEGs of your new team images into the project to place your package order.
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getting started

To ensure your success and allow us to meet your quality expectations, we have a certification process and require that you submit a knockout test for each different type of service. Upon successful completion and evaluation of this test, we will authorize the knockout component of the H&H workflow software.

  1. Review our shoot background recommendations and lighting design
  2. Shoot and submit a gray screen test
  3. Once your test has been approved, set up your background library


Testing: Allow 5 business days. (Additional testing will require additional time.)
Background Library Setup: Allow 2 business days with consistent studio communication.
Sales flyer design: 3 business days for Pre-pay Flyer design (Changes and approval time not included)
Sales flyer printing: 3 business days (ground shipping included)
Total: 15-20 Business Days


Before you are ready to shoot your first job, we need to make sure that we are able to service the background and lighting you plan to use so we ask that you submit a knockout test.

  • Tests consist of five images photographed using the background, camera settings and lighting diagram you intend to use on site.
  • Each test image should contain a different subject utilizing a variety of hair types and skin tones.
  • The background should be smooth and consistently lit, avoiding fall off and subject shadows.
  • Images should be cropped, either in camera or in post with backdrop all the way from side to side and, if possible, to the top of the image.
  • Test images submitted need to include metadata so we can review the camera settings.
  • We also ask that you submit a wide shot of your studio setup so we can help improve your shooting for optimal KO.
  • Tests are submitted through hhstudio under the Schools section, not through hhschools.
  • Test results are usually returned via email within 48 hours.
Service Price
Knockout Test $15.60
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how to order

Image Knockout

To order image knockout download our hhschools software.

download hhschools
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H&H has a one-time charge for gray screen knockout. After that there are no additional image processing charges. Your png images are available to use for service items, reorders, additional backgrounds, and multiple sales opportunities for 9 months. You may also download your knocked-out png images from our website.

Included in this price is the cleanup required when the occasional subject wears the same color as the background. If a majority of subjects are wearing clothing that matches the background, additional charges may apply.

At times, however, improper lighting, exposure, prop use or photographer error can require manual clean-up to your images. Anytime manual clean-up is needed, you will be contacted so we can help you troubleshoot what happened and how we can prevent it in the future. When necessary, you will be charged a per minute for these clean-up services. When the charges are less than $100, we will continue with the clean-up and notify you with the reason. When the estimated charges are greater than $100, we will contact you to request approval before proceeding with the clean-up.