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Cover Materials

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leather cover materials

Our leathers are sourced from the highest quality raw material selections throughout Europe. These leathers are the same materials used for private and corporate aircraft; corporate, hospitality, and residential interiors; luxury motor coaches, high-end cars, and private yachts. We carry four unique lines of leather to please the most demanding clients.


Acrylic covers feature face-mounted prints that are fused to acrylic and are available in matte or glossy. The vivid color, depth and intricate details of acrylic covers when combined with the beautiful, curated leathers in the Salvatore Cincotta Collection of Albums by H&H, offer an amazing and modern look. They are available in four sizes; 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, and 14x11.

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Album swatch sample box

A non-branded, Brooklyn box with magnetic closure that holds swatches of our Sal Cincotta Collection album cover options! The sample box includes swatches of our leathers, synthetics, and fabric, along with wood and paper samples for a complete kit.

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Center Split
Album Options

completely customizable

All of our albums are completely customizable offering a range of options to personalize your books to each of your clients’ individual preferences.

Album Page Core Colors

page core

Change your album's profile by choosing a page core color to compliment your images and design. We offer both white and black.

Pages are available in both single and double weight. You can add between 10-40 pages to your albums with single weight pages. Double weight accommodates between 7-30 pages.

Cover Deboss Die

Add a custom design to your album cover with our deboss die. We will create a solid copper die stamp from your design and use it to impress the cover. The stamp is yours to keep!

Available on 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 albums.

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imprinting or dimensional ink

Imprinting is, and always will be, a classic. It’s the simplest way to customize any album. We offer a variety of modern options and fonts to meet the needs of your clients.

However, if you really want to stand out, our dimensional ink will add a completely personalized 3D touch to your album covers.

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Leather Albums

four paper types

Our album prints are available in four paper types: Lustre Photographic, Fuji Pearl Photographic, Deep Matte Photographic, and Art Matte Press.

metal inlay

Made from our stunningly vibrant matte metals, our metal inlays come in a variety of shapes that work tastefully with the size of your book.

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Leather Albums
Album Endsheets

crushed velvet endsheets

Luxury at its best. No one can resist the feeling of crushed velvet. Add this upgrade to your album and your customers will immediately be impressed.

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album boxes

Offer your clients a complete solution when delivering their albums. Boxes are the perfect way to package, deliver, display, and protect their precious memories. We offer three unique album boxes with the ability to mix and match materials to create a truly customized product for your clients.

Album Boxes


Available in a wide range of sizes including three top-fold options.

Pages are available in both single and double weight.
You can add between 10-40 pages to your albums with single weight pages. Double weight accommodates between 7-30 pages.

Album Sizes


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