Stock Flyer Designs

  • Get In The Game Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Get In The Game (front)
    Custom both sides
  • Get In The Game Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Get In The Game (back)
    Custom both sides
  • Fusion Pro Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Fusion Pro Sports (front)
    Stock front
  • Fusion Pro Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Fusion Pro Sports (back)
    Stock front
  • Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Sports (front)
    Custom both sides
  • Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Sports (back)
    Custom both sides
  • Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Dance Star (front)
    Stock front
  • Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Dance Star (back)
    Stock front
  • Center Stage Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Center Stage Dance (front)
    Custom both sides
  • Center Stage Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Center Stage Dance (back)
    Custom both sides


Need more information? Open these high-res PDF previews to see every detail of our JPEG pre-pay flyer designs.

Get In The Game      Fusion Pro Sports      Sports      Dance Star      Center Stage Dance

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hhschools Package Definitions

If you plan to use one of our stock flyer designs, save time setting up your packages in hhschools by downloading the package definition XML files here. Use them as-is or modify them to suit your needs!

Pre-pay Flyer Package Definitions   
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Design Options

Blank Slate - DIY Design

Prefer to design your own flyers from scratch? Download the design guides for Pre-Pay Flyers here.


Stock Flyer Template - DIY Design

Want to design your own Pre-Pay Flyers? Download our FREE InDesign and Photoshop templates here.

Get In The Game

InDesign    Photoshop

Fusion Pro Sports

InDesign    Photoshop

Sports Flyer

InDesign    Photoshop

Center Stage
Dance Flyer

InDesign    Photoshop

Dance Star




Academy Backgrounds

Download the coordinating Center Stage backgrounds for our Academy templates and you can add any Academy product you like to the Center Stage Dance flyer. A unique background psd file has been created for each product to make design and ordering easy. The background files include the purple and green stock colors but any color may be substituted.

  • Academy Template
    Academy Template
  • Background
    Center Stage Background
  • Finished Product
    Finished Product

Order Custom Design

Don't want to design your own Pre-Pay Flyers? Let our Design Center custom design this product for you!

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How to Order

Order Printed Flyers

If you designed your own flyers or worked with our Design Center to create one for you, you're ready to place an order for printed flyers. Download our hhstudio software to order Pre-Pay Flyers.

hhstudio Software



Order Blank Flyers

Want to print your own flyers? Order blank Pre-Pay Flyers using our Supply Order Form.

Supply Order Form   
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