Pre-pay flyers are printed before an event is photographed. Brilliant, clearly printed flyers establish your brand with your customer from first contact. Choose one of our professionally designed flyers you can customize or design a fully custom flyer to wow your sports customers.

Service Time:

Printing: 2 Days
Custom Design: 3 Days


Ground FOB



8½x14 with 5” tear-off payment envelope


  • Use one of our pre-printed stock designs, create your own, or let our Design Center design it for you
  • Request blank flyers through the supplies order form to print your own
  • Include your online payment information on your Pre-Pay Flyer to let parents know they may purchase online.
  • Our Design Center can create an hhimagehost price list in conjunction with your Pre-Pay Flyer design. H&H must design your flyer in order set up the price list in hhimagehost


Pre-Pay flyers usually show generic sample images. Pre-Pay flyers DO NOT have variable data or images in any way, but you may order a different design for each event or use one design for a group of events.

Some Pre-Pay flyer designs are available with a stock front (see notations below each thumbnail). This alternative helps reduce printing costs by only custom printing the back side of each flyer.

Ready to personalize your perfect KO sports prepay? Click here to start your design today!

Jpeg Pre-Pay Flyers

  • Get In The Game Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Get In The Game (front)
    Custom both sides
  • Get In The Game Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Get In The Game (back)
    Custom both sides
  • Fusion Pro Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Fusion Pro Sports (front)
    Stock front
  • Fusion Pro Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Fusion Pro Sports (back)
    Stock front
  • Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Sports (front)
    Custom both sides
  • Sports Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Sports (back)
    Custom both sides
  • Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Dance Star (front)
    Stock front
  • Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Dance Star (back)
    Stock front
  • Center Stage Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-front
    Center Stage Dance (front)
    Custom both sides
  • Center Stage Dance Star Pre-Pay-JPEG-back
    Center Stage Dance (back)
    Custom both sides

Need more information? Open these high-res PDF previews to see every detail of our JPEG pre-pay flyer designs.

Get In The Game       Fusion Pro Sports       Sports      

Dance Star       Center Stage Dance