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photo covers

Photo covers are stunning! Your favorite image becomes the cover for this very personalized book. Choose one of three beautiful finishes; glossy, velvet touch, or canvas. Our photographic covers are all available at our low base price.

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cover materials

Pearl (glossy)   ■   Velvet Touch (matte)   ■    Canvas

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5x5 aspect ratio

12x12    ■    10x10    ■    8x8    ■    5x5

4x5 aspect ratio

14x11    ■    8x10 / 10x8    ■    5.5x7 / 7x5.5    ■    4x5 / 5x4

4x6 aspect ratio

15x10    ■    8x12 / 12x8    ■    6x9 / 9x6    ■    4x6 / 6x4

3.5x5 aspect ratio



Photo pano pages

Minimum 10 pages (20 sides)    ■    Maximum 40 pages (80 sides)

Paper Types

photographic paper

Lustre    ■    HD Glossy

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Center Split

Our photo pano book pages are gently folded and spread across the center seam with no split.

Center Split
Corner Detail

Page Corners

Books have square page corners.

Page Style

Photo pano books include our thin, flexible, photographic pano pages.

Spine Detail
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end sheets

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cover design guides

Cover design guides are for use in Adobe Photoshop.

5x5 aspect ratio set

download cover guides

4x5 aspect ratio set

download cover guides

4x6 aspect ratio set

download cover guides

3.5x5 aspect ratio set

download cover guides


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