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This eclectic collection of fabric book covers provides you with choices that will become “limited editions” and set your studio apart from others! We have gathered a diverse selection of fun fabrics to help give a selection to those who prefer something besides the traditional leather covers.

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fabric cover books

The fashion forward nature of our fabric album covers makes this line a valuable limited edition. While we strive to make sure our covers are available for at least one year, occasionally some fabrics may be temporarily out of stock. We will provide similar substitutes upon your approval.

Swatch box

Album swatch sample box

This must-have tool for professional photographers is a fabric covered box that holds swatches of our album cover materials. The swatches allow your customers to touch and feel all of our cover options to make informed decisions about an important purchase.

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5x5 Aspect Ratio

12x12    ■    10x10    ■    8x8    ■    5x5

4x5 Aspect Ratio

14x11    ■    8x10 / 10x8    ■    5.5x7 / 7x5.5    ■    4x5 / 5x4

4x6 Aspect Ratio

15x10    ■    8x12 / 12x8    ■    6x9 / 9x6    ■    4x6 / 6x4

3.5x5 Aspect Ratio



Minimum 10 pages (20 sides)
Maximum 40 pages (80 sides)


Photographic paper

Lustre    ■    HD Glossy

Page Style

Our photo pano book pages are gently folded and spread across the center seam with no split.

Page Style
Book Binding

Book Binding

Our photo pano book pages combine the quality of photographic paper with the slim profile of a press book. The spreads are bound together, back to back, and assembeled into your chosen cover style.

Page Corners

Photo pano books have square page corners.

Page Corners

  • Imprinting is not available on every cover type/color. Please refer to hhstudio for availability.
  • Character limitations vary depending on cover size, font, and font size; see hhstudio or Velocity for preview
  • Available in Silver, Gold, Black, and Branded; see hhstudio for exceptions
  • Script font available in small and medium
  • Block font available in small, medium, large, and jumbo
    • Large and jumbo only allow 1 line of text
    • Jumbo is only available in all caps

Fonts & Sizes

Cover Imprint Positions

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