Designer Frame Collection

This contemporary DESIGNER frame collection features beautiful, new frame selections, as well as extra wide, thick white mats.

Our framing program makes it easy for you. Order your prints and frame, and it comes completely finished...print, mount, frame, back paper, and hanger. All you have to do is hand it to your customer!

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  • Acid-free mat museum depth (8-ply) mats are white w/ white core
  • Picture frame grade glass: Clear (included) or Non-glare (extra fee); both offer approximately 45% UV protection
  • A gesso finish is applied to some frames to help smooth out the wood grain or imperfections prior to painting, coating or stain.
  • All frames are real natural wood.











Frame Sample Sets

A complete sample set of Designer frame styles and colors is available. Refer to the frame sample sets page for more information and to order.

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Designer Collection Frame Sample Set
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Print & Mat Size Outside Frame Dimensions
Bradford, Brighton, Chelsea, Lincoln
Outside Frame Dimensions
4x6 w/ 4” mat 12.625” x 14.625” 13.25” x 15.25”
5x7 w/ 4” mat 13.625” x 15.625” 14.25” x 16.25”
6x6 w/ 4” mat 14.625” x 14.625” 15.25” x 15.25”
8x10 w/ 2” mat 12.625” x 14.625” 13.25” x 15.25”
11x14 w/ 3” mat 17.625” x 20.625” 18.25” x 21.25”
11x14 w/ 4” mat 19.625” x 22.625” 20.25” x 23.25”
12x12 w/ 3” mat 18.625” x 18.625” 19.25” x 19.25”
12x12 w/ 4” mat 20.625” x 20.625” 21.25” x 21.25”
10x20 w/ 3” mat 16.625” x 26.625” 17.25” x 27.25”
12x18 w/ 4” mat 20.625” x 26.625” 21.25” x 27.25”
16x16 w/ 4” mat 24.625” x 24.625” 25.25” x 25.25”
16x20 w/ 2” mat 20.625” x 24.625” 21.25” x 25.25”
16x20 w/ 3” mat 22.625” x 26.625” 23.25” x 27.25”
16x20 w/ 4” mat 24.625” x 28.625” 25.25” x 29.25”
16x24 w/ 4” mat 24.625” x 32.625” 25.25” x 33.25”
20x20 w/ 4” mat 28.625” x 28.625” 29.25” x 29.25”
20x30 w/ 4” mat 28.625” x 38.625” 29.25” x 39.25”
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how to order

To order this product download our hhstudio software.

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Marketing Images

Open these files in Photoshop, add your own images and use them on your web site or in marketing brochures or catalogs.

download bradford images
download brighton images
download chelsea images
download lincoln images
download preston images

Shoot & Sell

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Shoot & Sell app for iPad lets you show your clients what any H&H canvas, canvas cluster or framed image will look like on the walls of their very own home. It includes all 13 cluster wraps as well as H&H's entire line-up of frames ready to preview in real time. Super-size your wall art sales with this one stop-solution for selling and marketing wall art to your clients!

Photographer's Wall Display Guides

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Show the H&H Designer frames in any of the Photoshop room templates from Photographer's Wall Display Guides. Create gorgeous wall mockups featuring our designer frames or canvas groupings to post on your website, Facebook business page, Instagram, welcome guides, product catalogs and so much more!

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    • Lustre or Pearl print, print mount, mat, frame molding, wire hanger, and clear glass are included in price
    • Coating and non-glare glass are priced separately