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Metal album covers are simply gorgeous! Available in three beautiful finishes: Matte, when you want that soft look and velvet touch; Aluminessence, for that chic transparent, aluminum base that will allow the metal to show through, or Brilliant for a bright, clear glossy base that will showcase your image! And that is not all – for the back, spine, and protective corners choose from our great lineup of stylish leathers.

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Metal Finish

  • Brilliant (glossy white base)
  • Aluminessence (brushed silver base)
  • Matte (soft, non-glare)

Want to preview what your image will look like on Aluminessence metal? Download this Photoshop file:

Aluminessence Metal Preview
Brilliant Metal

Brilliant or Matte Metal

Aluminessence Metal

Aluminessence Metal

Swatch box

Album swatch sample box

This must-have tool for professional photographers is a fabric covered box that holds swatches of our album cover materials. The swatches allow your customers to touch and feel all of our cover options to make informed decisions about an important purchase.

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5x5 Aspect Ratio

12x12    ■    10x10    ■    8x8

4x5 Aspect Ratio

11x14 / 14x11    ■    8x10 / 10x8

4x6 Aspect Ratio

10x15 / 15x10    ■    8x12 / 12x8

3.5x5 Aspect Ratio



Single weight pages

Minimum 10 pages (20 sides)
Maximum 40 pages (80 sides)

Double weight pages

Minimum 7 pages (14 sides)
Maximum 30 pages (60 sides)


Photographic paper - creased and cut page styles available.

Lustre    ■    Deep Matte    ■    Pearl (glossy)

Page Style


Our signature lay-flat pages have of one of the smallest center splits in the industry; allowing a stunning pano look across each page spread.


Full pano pages are creased and folded in the center for a seamless look.

Page Corners

Metal cover albums have square page corners.

Page Corners
Page Core

Page Core

Our album pages feature your choice of white or black core for strength and durability.

Standard End Sheets

Designer End Sheets

Give your album some extra personality with Designer End Sheets. Printed on deep matte paper.

  • Imprinting is not available on every cover type/color. Please refer to hhstudio for availability.
  • Character limitations vary depending on cover size, font, and font size; see hhstudio or Velocity for preview
  • Available in Silver, Gold, Black, and Branded; see hhstudio for exceptions
  • Script font available in small and medium
  • Block font available in small and medium

Fonts & Sizes

Inside Cover Imprint Options

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