Professional photographers are using background replacement technology to create new and exciting photo products for volume schools, sports and dances. H&H’s Knockout Services are revolutionizing this process for the independent photographer with its extremely high quality, innovative product designs, flexible sales flyers, and powerful workflow.

Explore the possibilities with H&H Knockout Services!

When H&H set out to provide subject extraction services to our professional volume customers, we decided that the real business opportunity was in all of the creative prints, specialty products and additional sales opportunities that a subject image without a background would present.

H&H made the decision to look to this future and built a process to support knocking out a subject from an image up front and archive these knocked out images, so they are available to use and sell from later at no additional charge.

For all of our knockout services there is a one-time charge for removing the subject from a properly shot image and rendering a high-resolution PNG file. After that, there are no additional image processing charges. Your PNG images are available to use for service items, reorders, additional backgrounds, and multiple sales opportunities for 9 months. You may also download your knocked out png images for other uses.

We have several different KO options for you to choose from based on the type of shooting you want to do, which images you will need knocked out, how you plan to sell and the timetables necessary to fulfill your contractual obligations to your customers.

We offer green and blue background knockout as well as extraction from an Old Masters style setup. The table below shows a comparison of services and should help you in deciding which KO option is right for you:

Ideal Use Service Time Price Per Image Crops Supported Flexible Lighting Design Extra Equipment Needs Produce Service Items without KO
Green Screen Optimal when you know all of the images you’re going to capture need a background replacement and you do not have a tight deadline on service items. 1-2 Days $0.38 Head and Shoulders, 3/4 length, Full Body with extra charge No Recommended backdrop and lighting with some flexibility Not recommended
Blue Screen Optimal when you need a quick turn around on service items like ID Cards and Admin CDs and can render those on a clean blue background, saving the KO process for prints and other products later. 1-2 Days $0.38 Head and Shoulders, 3/4 length, Full Body with extra charge No Mandatory backdrop and lighting Yes, with blue background
Masters Extraction Optimal when you need to print proof plans and service items quickly on the photographed background but still want to offer KO options to your customers on their products. 3 Days $0.75 Head and Shoulders Yes Program flexible to studio lighting design Yes

Service times are for KO service only. Printing and shipping will add additional time.

Getting Started

To ensure your success and allow us to meet your quality expectations, we have a certification process and require that you submit a knockout test for each different type of service. Upon successful completion and evaluation of this test, we will authorize the knockout component of the H&H workflow software.

In order to produce the best possible end results we will provide you with a lighting diagram and approved background information for each different type of service.

Please Note: When using our knockout service, all images in the submitted order must be the same service. Orders cannot contain a mix of green, blue or masters images.

KO Services Setup

Testing: Allow 5 business days. Additional testing will require additional time.
Background Library Setup: Allow 2 business days with consistent studio communication.
Sales flyer design:

  • 3 business days for Pre-pay Flyer design
  • 5 business days for Proof Plan flyer design, 3 days for setup
  • (Changes and approval time not included)

Sales flyer printing: 3 business days (ground shipping included)

Total: 15-20 Business Days