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Keep on top of your outstanding and recently processed orders.

The H&H Color Lab app is an order status/tracking application that lets H&H customers keep track of their account at H&H. It has a simple interface that lets you see orders that are in the lab and their due dates. You can also see what has shipped in the past 45 days, including how it was shipped with tracking numbers and links to get tracking status.

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photo prints ordering software


(replaces eZsuite)

Your best PC and Mac software solution for ordering all professional portrait and wedding imaging products. Order prints of all sizes, finishing, mounting and framing for every creative sales opportunity. Coffee table books and albums, cards, jewelry, metals, framed prints, proofs and specialty products are also available from hhstudio's dynamic interface...all of this in one ordering software application! hhstudio is H&H’s proprietary software and is FREE to all H&H customers.
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photo printing ordering software photo printing lab ordering software photo prints ordering software  photo print lab ordering software Version 1.0.7

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Mac OSX (~91mb)
Mountain Lion security settings information

(replaces eZsports)

The ideal PC and Mac compatible program for ordering team and individual sports jobs. Engineered for fast, easy learning and order input of packages with complete Ready-To-Deliver packaging and customer satisfaction. If you like hhstudio, you’ll love hhsports when it’s time to quickly complete a school or league sports assignment. hhsports is H&H’s proprietary software and is FREE to all H&H customers!

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  Version 1.0.1

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

(replaces eZevent)
hhschools is the latest volume school, sports and events software platform. Designed for maximum work flow automation and efficiency with Data Match, powerful automation, and total project management capability, hhschools allows you to be 100% competitive in the school picture business. hhschools is H&H’s proprietary software and is FREE to all H&H customers!

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Version 1.0.47

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8


ROES Photo Ordering

A widely used and accepted program that includes most of H&H’s broad lineup of professional products and services. If you’re coming to us from another lab that utilizes ROES, you’ll feel right at home using this time tested ordering software. 

   Windows & Mac

Photo Lab Prints Software

LabPrints is another popular and widely used software solution that has proven itself to be a fast and effective ordering tool and also contains most of H&H’s broad lineup of professional products and services. When purchased with available add-on modules, LabPrints offers creative capability for creating composited book and album use.

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   Windows & Mac


Custom Photo Books Software
My Photo Books
(H&H Press Books Edition)

H&H has partnered with DigiLabs to empower this simple, yet powerful, software to make ordering coffee table books a breeze! If you’ve wanted to add digital press coffee table books to your offering but have been reluctant to tackle the creation learning curve, there’s simply no faster way to create and produce them! Available in both PC and Mac versions, this ordering software is FREE to H&H customers.

  Version 3.8.2

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


HH Image Host Online Photo Storefront

Not just a software program, but an e-commerce solution for selling on line. Build your storefront around HHImageHost to provide your clients with on line proofing and print ordering. Reach a larger audience and let H&H handle the rest of all order placement, fulfillment, payment collection, and product shipping directly to your client.  

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additional software Resources

Only use the following items if prompted by your customer service support team.

Opticon 2001 Barcode Scanner Driver (32-bit)

Opticon 2001 Barcode Scanner Driver (64-bit)

Java for Windows

Mac OSX v 2.50
eZsuite version 2.50 is the latest version that will run on non-Java 1.6 Mac installations.
For Mac users of eZsuite version 2.70, Java version 1.6 is required for it to run on your computer. Snow Leopard includes 1.6, but not all versions of Leopard support 1.6.