October Specials

Please allow additional time for design services. All design services must be completed and approved before the final expiration date of each product that is on special.

  • 20% off Leather Wrap Albums
  • 25% off Cards
  • 30% off Collages Premium Proof Books


Images by William Innes Photography

Leather Wrap Album SPECIAL - 20% OFF

Each album is handcrafted with each signature stitched into the soft premium top grain leather cover. This award-winning album comes in two cover choices. The Rustic Album cover features brown distressed leather with a leather strap closure, and the Urban Album cover features a smooth, black leather with a metal button stud closure for a more contemporary look.

  • Available in Watercolor, Art Matte, and Recycled papers
  • Includes both sizes, as well as Rustic and Urban styles
  • Includes optional coordinating leather envelope
  • Includes optional hand-torn edges
  • Order through hhstudio
  • Offer good through 10/31/2016


Curved Metal


Images by Ariana Falerni


This is such a fantastic deal! Use this special as an additional holiday promotion with your senior and family session orders, or use our press cards for your studio’s marketing materials and reap the rewards! Includes: 2-sided cards, accordion cards, business cards, designer cards, foil cards, folded cards, gift cards, layered cards, side-show cards, tri-fold cards, wide wallets, square minis, and skinny minis. Seven foil colors are now available for many shapes and sizes of our popular press cards, including folded cards. Many designs available, including Senior, Grad, Confetti, Thank-you and Holiday.

  • Includes coating
  • Includes all foil cards
  • Does not include sample kits
  • White Envelopes included with some styles. Optional foil-lined envelopes not included in sale.
  • No limit
  • Order through hhstudio
  • Offer good through 10/31/2016
Soft Cover Press Book


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  • Offer good through 10/31/2016