August Specials

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  • All specials must be ordered through hhstudio (formerly known as eZsuite).
  • Check out the How to Order page in each product – this will give you quick access to
    ordering software for each product as well as videos to walk you through the ordering process.
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Companion Mini Books

Companion Mini Books - 30% Discount

  • Available in 3x3.75 and 2.5x3.75 vertical or horizontal and 3x3
  • Order in hhstudio
  • Expires August 31, 2014
Photo Pano Albums

Introducing our newest album - the Photo Pano Album - 30% Discount

  • You can now order panoramic flexible-weight photographic pages with all of our fantastic
    album covers in our album section.
  • Be sure to order under ALBUMS in hhstudio – Not Books
  • Order in hhstudio
  • Expires August 31, 2014

Upcoming Specials

September 2014

  • 25% off (all cards including squares, skinnies, business, etc)
  • 25% off all metals