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  createspecialty3-ring binders

Image by: Ariana Falerni Family Photography   -   Graphics courtesy of: Graphic Authority

This custom designed presentation binder is an attention grabber!

It makes a personalized product for students of all ages, sales presentations, marketing portfolios and more! Making a sales presentation to a little league, dance studio or even a school? This 3-ring binder is an impressive “leave-behind” that will make your presentation memorable.

It is created with a wrap-around photo cover, complete with a magnetic closure, and allows you to custom design for the most impact.

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 2 days

  • available in 2 sizes

  • 10x11.5 vertical ring binder accommodates 8.5x11 sheets and tabbed dividers

  • 14x11.5 horizontal ring binder accommodates 10x13 sheets

  • printed on pearl photo paper

  • binder edge has overlapping magnetic closure tabs

  • 3/4" diameter ring binder clips

 3-ring binder product images

inside back

 3-ring binder design guides for Photoshop

 3-ring binder PHOTOSHOP GUIDES

10x11.5 vertical


 14x11.5 horizontal