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Whether you need flatbed, negative, or copy work, our photo lab has the professional equipment and the trained technicians to handle your needs.

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 1 day

 negative scans

  • negatives or slides from 35mm to 6x7 are scanned and written to a CD (included in scan price)
  • image sizes vary due to differences in negative size
  • all negatives must be carded by your studio or H&H
  • for best results, the original negative should be sharp and properly exposed
  • dust spotting included in scan price
  • scan sizes: low-res = 4MB, level 1 = 26-32MB, level 2 = 48-60MB

 flatbed scans

  • scans from original photographs, flat art (maximum size of original is 11x14 inches), or sheet film
  • scan size is similar to a level 2 cut negative scan
  • CD included

 copy work

  • 16x20 and larger prints and artwork must be photographed digitally
  • CD included