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Images by: Kirk Voclain Photography

Our professional photo lab offers a full line of digital photo retouching and art services. If you need us to be your “behind-the-scenes employee” on a regular basis, we are always here on the job – you can rely on us! Or if you just want to use us for overflow work or special projects, we have the expertise to handle the job quickly and efficiently!


  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 1 day

standard retouching

  • remove blemishes
  • soften wrinkles on face and neckline
  • soften eye bags
  • extreme correction of any item may require digital art
  • if ordering via CD, fill out and print the retouching & art form below and ship with your CD

 pre-priced art

Because we have established a fixed cost for the most common digital art, no estimate or approval is needed for these items. This allows you to better communicate costs to your customer up front without having to wait for an estimate. Extreme cases of any situation being corrected may require time based digital art. An archive CD may be ordered separately if you would like to keep the modified image.

senior retouch
includes: removing facial blemishes, softening eye bags, softening deep lines, stray hair removal, toning down facial shine

fashion model retouch
always includes: facial retouching (heavy for girls, lighter for boys), simple eye enhancement, saturation pop (background, clothing, props only), black vignette
included when needed: blending/evening skin tones, toning down facial shine, teeth whitening, slimming, stray hair removal, small object removal, simple glass glare removal, toning down hot spots

glamour retouch
All lines, blemishes, wrinkles and eye bags are completely removed and the skin is smoothed extensively – an over-retouched look

simple eye enhancement
Sharpen only edges of iris or pupil, brighten catchlight, define eyelashes, remove small red veins and remove extra catchlights.

tone down facial shine
Complete removal is not suggested; this would require an estimate.

remove stray hairs
Removal of large chunks of hair. Hair covering the face requires an estimate.

remove braces
Applies only when teeth do not have to be reconstructed.

add or remove catchlight

blend shoulder tan lines

tone down red face

complex eye enhancement
Sharpen edge of iris, bring out color, brighten catchlight, remove veins, brighten whites, remove secondary catchlights, slightly add/enhance eyelashes & soften highlight on iris opposite catchlight.

swap eyes/open eyes
Provide carded image containing eyes to be inserted marked “swap”. Both images must be similar in exposure and positioning.

swap head
Provide carded image containing head to be inserted marked “swap”. Both images must be similar in exposure and positioning.

soften clothing wrinkles
Objectionable wrinkles are lightened by 50%. Please mark on proof the wrinkles to be softened. We do not recommend complete removal of major wrinkles since this often tends to make the clothing look flat and artificially “airbrushed”. Clothing should not have patterns.

Trimming an area to be more in proportion with the rest of the body.

soft focus
The effect of a soft focus filter applied digitally to the entire image.

  sharpen filter
A sharpening filter is applied to the entire image to sharpen the edges. Not recommended for extremely grainy or pixilated image because it can enhance grain.

custom cropping
Include proof showing specific cropping desired.

custom cropping w/borders
Include proof showing specific cropping desired.

remove camera dirt

simple custom burning
Include proof showing specific areas to be burned. No additional corrections.

simple custom dodging
Include proof showing specific areas to be dodged. No additional corrections.

Choose a black or white vignette at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

reduce double chin
Trimming down of chin area

remove braces & reconstruct teeth

remove small objects (up to 3)
Applies only to items smaller than the head size in the image.

add teeth (up to 2)

blend horizon line
Blend the line between backdrop and floor in studio backgrounds.

smooth out hair
Smoothing extreme frizziness around the hairline.

remove color moiré
Removes the color but not the patterning from moiré. To remove both color and pattern timed art is necessary.

repair damage
Including but not limited to scratches, rips, pinholes, flares etc.

Restoring an old or damaged image to an acceptable state. Some images are beyond total restoration.

extend foreground/background
An estimate is required for foreground/background extensions when the area to be extended includes texture, trees, objects, structures, etc.

camera flare
Camera flare or circles of confusion can hide portions of the image and also give the impression of underexposure

detailed burning or dodging
When burning and dodging alone are not enough. Requires additional correction or enhancement in detail

text / logos / graphics
Group titles and subject descriptions are easy to add to images when your choice of font and /or camera ready art or text file is provided on disk.

custom design of a multi-image canvas

Adding or eliminating color from an object or specific area of an image. Describe objects and define color

replace sky
As with all replacement/cloning situations, please send a second sky to replace the existing one

sharpen eyes & facial features
Moderately sharpen eyes and enhance eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Depending upon the degree of softness, some images are beyond repair

remove clothing wrinkles or moiré
Removal of wrinkles in clothing when moiré or pattern exists

tone down large hot spots
Tone down 5 or more large hot spots when no detail is present

add and/or remove a person or object
Size and exposure must be similar. Light quality (its intensity, direction, color, contrast, & ratio) must match on both images

add teeth
Addition or reconstruction of three or more teeth

sharpen image
Moderately sharpen the entire image. Depending on the degree of softness, some images are beyond repair

add and/or fill in hair
Addition of hair to a subject to fill in thinned areas

balance eyes
Adjustment of a subject’s eyes to make both the same size

blend skin tones
Blend blotchy skin on an individual subject

even skin tones
Match skin tones of multiple people within the same image.

extend foreground or background
Portrait background or without detail or texture. Second image must be provided if objects need to be extended beyond 30% on any given side.

new background
A new background of your choice should be provided to replace the existing one. Requires no extra manipulation.

tone down hot spots
Up to 4 spots - must have some detail. Spots larger than head size darkened by 50%. Digital cannot remove all hot spots.

tone down shadows
Tone down, not complete removal of shadow(s)

remove shadows
Complete removal of shadow(s)

 timed art

Estimate approval calls are not provided for orders less than 45 minutes. These orders are put directly into production without delay. If you prefer a call on orders requiring more than 45 minutes of estimated digital art, we will call when requested on your digital art order form. We automatically call for approval on orders which are estimated to take longer than 2 hours. A CD is included in the price of all time based art.

watercolor effect
Our digital artists carefully “paint” every pixel of your image to achieve a watercolor effect. This is not a Photoshop filter. The results will be similar to an impressionistic watercolor painting. We suggest printing these on our digital inkjet watercolor paper to achieve a fine art effect.

oil painting effect
Our digital artists carefully “paint” every pixel of your image to achieve an oil painting effect. This is not a Photoshop filter. The results, especially when combined with canvas mounting, will mimic an actual oil painting. We suggest printing these on our digital inkjet canvas paper to achieve a fine art effect.