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If you are presently photographing annual school portraits, expand your market to include providing yearbook publishing as well. H&H soft cover school yearbooks provide outstanding quality and exceptional value and will strengthen your position in the school photography business.


  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: varies (see chart below)

  • size: 8½x11

  • binding: square backed & saddle stitched spine

  • pages are printed on gloss text paper

  • covers are printed on gloss cover stock and UV coated

  • available in quantities of 50-2000 in product request

  • download our yearbook question list to help communicate with your schools

 yearbook service times

 quantity  service time shipping service reservation needed?

50-100 yearbooks

3 days

2 day (included)


101-299 yearbooks

2 weeks

ground (chargeable)

yes - need design ready date, qty & # of pages

300+ yearbooks

3 weeks

ground (chargeable)

yes - need design ready date, qty & # of pages


Any booklet orders greater than 100 qty. that ship May 1st - June 10th require a reservation. 
Please call customer service for details.


 yearbook design guides

yearbook guides


InDesign CS4 InDesign CS3 Photoshop High-res Jpeg




 yearbook FAQ


soft cover
hard cover
How can the book be designed?
Yearbook Fusion or designed jpg pages
Is the yearbook design software true web based?
No - installed software
If software is it Mac & PC compatible?
PC and Mac
Who provides software support?
Yearbook Fusion
How are the pages bound?
Saddle Stitched
PUR perfect bound
Minimum / Maximim pages
8-76 pages
24-130 pages
Are standard covers available?
Yes, only in Yearbook Fusion
Are there any standard religious covers available?
No, all are custom covers
How much extra are custom covers?
No additional charge for custom covers
How is the cover finished?
UV coated cover
laminated cover
Is foil printing available on the cover?
On standard covers, are school icons, personalized name or personalized photo available?
Is there a current events insert option?
Yes.  Free upon request
How can the school community contribute content to the yearbook?
images and stories submitted to whomever is designing the yearbook
How many weeks does it take to print the book?
2-3 weeks
2-3 weeks with cover submitted in Feburary
Shipping time
Fedex ground 2-4 days
Shipping cost
Standard Fedex ground rates
What is needed to submit the final quantity Yearbook order?
Just submit the order in eZsuite or YB Fusion
Design for cover must be submitted by February 28th
Do you proof the book?
Optional Printed Proof available
Is there cost for proofing?
$29 for a set of proofs
Can I buy an additional proof of my yearbook?
Yes, just order a yearbook proof.
Be sure to leave enough time for proofing!
What is the service time for a yearbook proof?
2 days plus shipping
Is the working time for proofs included or added to printing time?
When you order a proof, that order has its own service time.
Final printing has its own time.
Do you offer in plant corrections?  Cost?
No, whomever designs the yearbook makes all changes to the design
If I miss my final submission deadline what happens?
1 week added to normal service time
Can I buy rush time?
Yes, 25% additional charge for 25% faster
If error in printed book what are options for redress?
Overlay stickers and reprinting the book are both options if a correction needs to be made after final quantity of yearbooks are printed
Who's expense for correction?
The studio
How soon will a makeover be printed?
We will always do our best to be highly responsive to corrections, so call us right away so we can work with you