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Images by: Pearce Photographics

It takes fresh innovative new products to capture the attention of today’s school photography consumer. Our  professional photo lab's personalized, laminated digital press items, metal license plates and dog tags, magnets, buttons, mirrors and templates provide an unlimited number of choices for your customers to choose from.




NEW Academy studio background templates (available with white or black text & accent graphics)
  • studio background templates are available for a wide variety of products
  • design your own custom background, add your images and combine them with our templates to create a unique look for each team

 [Academy studio background template instruction pdf]

 [download black Academy PSD templates]


 [download white Academy PSD templates]

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your images


background design


our template


the final product

(8x10 H&V)


magazine covers
(8x10 & 4x5 V only)


memory mates
(8x10 H&V)


(5x7, 8x10, 10x13, 16x20,
20x24 & 20x30 H&V)


clip boards


tickets & magnets
(2x8 V only) set of 2

key fobs
(1x2) set of 3

















round buttons,
magnets & magnets



bag tags


trader magnets


trading cards (2-sided)
(same background image used for front and back)


plaque frame
(5x7 & 8x10 V only)

plaque memory mate
(8x10 H&V)




(4x5 V only)


mouse pad


ceramic mug
(1 or 2 images)


water bottle insert print
(1 or 2 images)

wall cling


banner - individual

   banner - group
  dry erase board
  dry erase magnet
  license plate
(1 image
license plate
(2 images
  notebook cover
  sports pass
(3x6 shown front & back
  aluminum water bottle
(1 image
  aluminum water bottle
(2 images
group border
luggage tag

 academy backgrounds
If you don't have time to make your own backgrounds for our Academy templates, we provide five options for you to download and use; blue, green, grey, and tan argyle, and a chalkboard theme. A unique background jpeg file has been created for each product in every color to make ordering easy. The backgrounds can be used with or without the black text accent lines. These files can be downloaded from the chart below.

blue argyle background
(use with black academy templates) 
 green argyle background
(use with black academy templates)
grey argyle background
(use with black academy templates)
tan argyle background
(use with black academy templates)
chalkboard background
(use with white academy templates)

academy template with
green argyle background
shown with lines
academy template with
green argyle background
shown without lines

academy template backgrounds

blue argyle

green argyle

grey argyle

tan argyle

with lines download download download download download 
without lines download download download download download