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Nothing leaves a better first impression with your customers than high quality, traditional photo print proofing. When clients can quickly visualize 100% of the quality you capture in your photography, sales will soar! For your volume projects, H&H provides two unique-to-the-industry proofing solutions that deliver value priced photo proofs at a price you can profit from!



  • sizes: 4x10
  • paper type: photographic lustre
  • proof quantity: 1-4
  • must be set up by the Design Center for your account (use the form button above)
  • can be customized with dynamic text lines filled from your eZevent data
  • a less expensive alternative to proof plans
  • click here to see proof plans

K-12 proof strip (with or w/o barcodes)

flowers proof strip (with or w/o barcodes)

chalkboard proof strip (with or w/o barcodes)

crayon proof strip (with or w/o barcodes)

handmade paper (with or w/o barcodes)

 custom background proof strip

    Replace the black background area with any design you like. Upload your own 4x10 background or let the Design Center create something for you.

    custom background proof strip (with or w/o barcodes)

    examples with background replaced