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Enhance your school program by using H&H’s sports sales presentation product catalogs. These professionally designed program books put your best foot forward during presentations to school oficials by visually showcasing everything you can provide. H&H branding is limited to put your studio out front. Order our standard cover or further enhance your brand by designing and ordering a custom cover. These beautiful booklets are priced at cost so we can help you build your school business!

  PRICES   PRODUCT INFO   service time: 3 days

 school marketing booklets

  • 16 page school marketing booklet
  • may be ordered with our stock cover or customize for your studio by designing your own cover
  • custom covers consist of 4 sides (front, inside front, inside back & back)
  • updated with the latest new products from H&H
  • order through eZsuite

[view the school marketing booklet]

  Want to create your own customized covers for this booklet?

[download the cover background files]

 school marketing sample product kits

    • create your own school sample sets using H&H stock images

    • sample Kit #1 - choose 10 items 

    • sample Kit #2 - choose 22 items

    • sample Kit #3 - choose 28 items

    • specialty Items - 30% discount


Choose 10, 22 or 28 products to create your own school sample pack featuring H&H stock images.

(images shown may vary)

Elementary Unit Image Secondary Unit Image Staff Unit Image Sports Bottle Print (insert)
3" Round Button
3" Round Button
 3" Round Button
 3" Round Magnet  3" Round Mirror Fun Pak  Laminated
Bag Tag 
PVC Bag Tag  3-Key Fobs 
Bookmark 3x9 Notepad 8x10 Individual Calendar 8x10 Calendar
Key Chain-small Key Chain-large
4x5 Image Only Magnet Quarter Yearbook Service Strip Half Yearbook Service Strip Wallet Proof 4x10 Proof Strip
9-Barcoded Press
ID Cards
barcoded PVC ID card 6-Up Sticker Sheet 8x10 Class Composite 8x10 Class Room Group K-12 Pre-Pay Flyer
K-12 Pre-Pay Flyer
(green screen)

Pre-Pay Flyer
Custom Prom
Pre-Pay Flyer



Choose as many specialty products featuring H&H stock images as you like and receive a 30% discount on the total.

(images shown may vary)


                 (image wraps around)

2x3 Vertical Banner 2x5 Horizontal Banner Aluminum Water Bottle Clipboard Dog Tag
                    (image wraps around)
Mouse Pad License Plate Sports Bottle with Insert Admin CD or PSPA CD
8 Page Yearbook Sampler  Full Yearbook  Mug Book Dry Erase
Locker Magnet 
Acrylic Oval Ornament  5x7 Statuette 8x10 Statuette

Dry Erase Board