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  createmetalsdesigner metals

Images by: Karen Goforth and Mac Brown Photographers   -   Design by: H&H Design Center

Our designer metal collection now gives you the opportunity to take metals to another level!

Use our fun shapes and sizes to create your own unique look using options to drill holes for hanging with chain, or your own ribbon; create dimension with stand-out mounting blocks; or choose our unique float frame that features our teardrop or pillow shaped metals float mounted on top of another framed square print! It’s not hip to JUST be square!

  service time: 2 day

  • sizes: Circle - 8x8, 11x11, 16x16, 20x20
                Pillow - 8x8, 12x12
                Posh - 8x11, 11x15.5, 15.5x22
                Teardrop - 8x8, 8x10, 11x14, 12x12
  • Pillow, Circle, Teardrop available in Brilliant finish only (glossy white base)
  • Posh available in both Brilliant and Aluminessence (brushed silver base)
  • Pillow, Posh and Teardrop shapes available with holes in the top 2 corners or all 4 corners drilled for hanging
  • 8x8, 8x10, & 12x12 Teardrop are available curved
  • 2 hole and 4 hole chain kits available
  • Metal Float Frames available for the following shapes and sizes:
                 8x8 pillow or teardrop, floated on a framed 12x12 square metal
                12x12 pillow or teardrop, floated on a framed 16x16 square metal
                11x11 circle, floated on a framed 16x16 square metal
                16x16 circle, floated on a framed 20x20 square metal
                20x20 circle, floated on a framed 24x24 square metal
  • ¾” Float Mounts available for all sizes and shapes
  • order through eZsuite

 designer metal sizes & shapes


8x8, 11x11, 16x16, 20x20

8x8, 12x12

8x11, 11x15.5, 15.5x22
8x8, 12x12
8x10, 11x14

 designer metal Photoshop files

clrcle guides  

8x8 circle


11x11 circle


16x16 circle


20x20 circle




pillow guides  
8x8 pillow


12x12 pillow




posh guides  

8x11 H posh


8x11 V posh
11x15.5 H posh
11x15.5 V posh
15.5x22 H posh
15.5x22 V posh  [download]



teardrop guides  
8x8 teardrop
8x10 H teardrop


8x10 V teardrop


11x14 H teardrop
11x14 V teardrop
12x12 teardrop