Our lab offers a full line of digital photo retouching and art services. If you need us to be your “behind-the-scenes employee” on a regular basis, we are always here on the job – you can rely on us! Or if you just want to use us for overflow work or special projects, we have the expertise to handle the job quickly and efficiently!

Service Time:

1 Day


Timed Art

Estimate approval calls are not provided for orders less than 45 minutes. These orders are put directly into production without delay. If you prefer a call on orders requiring more than 45 minutes of estimated digital art, we will call when requested on your digital art order form. We automatically call for approval on orders which are estimated to take longer than 2 hours. A CD is included in the price of all time based art.

Oil Painting Effect

Our digital artists carefully “paint” every pixel of your image to achieve an oil painting effect. This is not a Photoshop filter. The results, especially when combined with canvas mounting, will mimic an actual oil painting. We suggest printing these on our digital inkjet canvas paper to achieve a fine art effect.